How to find full-service movers in Baltimore County?

Moving is always difficult. You need to leave your home, and your neighborhood to start a new life in a new place. Apart from this, you also have to organize the whole move, which is time-consuming and expensive. For this reason, many people find moving very stressful. In order to reduce the level of stress, you should find good residential movers Baltimore. However, you should be careful when hiring movers since there are many fraudulent companies. That is why you should see how to find full-service movers in Baltimore County. 

Be careful when hiring a company for your move 

Unfortunately, there are many fraudulent companies. They advertise their moving services just like any other reliable company so sometimes it is hard to tell. Usually, fraudulent moving companies will ask for more money for their services than most companies would. In addition to this, they might also just disappear with your items. This the real reason why you should be careful, especially if you are moving valuable items. For this reason, a good way to protect your interests is to ask for a binding estimate. This way, the movers will not be able to change the amount on the estimate. Lastly, do not forget to ask for an in-house estimate. Fraudulent movers will either only offer an online estimate or they will not make a thorough estimate. 

a woman counting money
Fraudulent movers will ask for more money

Find full-service movers in Baltimore County by asking your friends and family 

You cannot go wrong with your friends and family. If they recently moved, then they will be able to recommend a moving company to you if they are satisfied with their services. If not, then you should look for the other full-service movers in Baltimore County. In addition to this, you can also widen your circle and have your friends ask their acquittances for the recommendation. In addition to this, you can also ask your colleagues at work if they might know some good moving companies. There is a good reason why you should do this and it is not the only trust. If you come as a referral, you can get a special discount. This serves as a free advertisement for movers so they know how to appreciate referrals. This can help you with your moving budget. 

You can search for movers on the Internet 

Since you can find anything and everything on the Internet, movers are no exception to the rule. Just type in moving companies and see what comes up. For this reason, make sure to do the proper background check. The best way to check companies’ credibility is to see whether they have a proper license. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or the FMCSA for shorter issues these licenses to the reliable movers. In addition to this, the Better Business Bureau license is also valid. You can visit the official websites of these two organizations in order to check your company’s license. If the company does not have one, then consider this a red flag. Lastly, you can also visit the official company’s website to learn more about their services. 

full-service movers in Baltimore County on the Internet
Search the Internet

Find full-service movers in Baltimore County by visiting the official companies’ websites 

Official websites are also a good way to find full-service movers in Baltimore County. You can find there all the necessary information about their moving services. Reliable movers will post everything on their websites. You should be able to find the following information. 

  • Their phone number, email address 
  • The official address that you should check  
  • Services they offer 
  • Special moving services such as moving a piano, art collection, pool table and so on 
  • FAQ 
  • Discounts 

Make sure to visit the official websites of all the possible candidates, such as movers Owings Mills MD. After you see they offer the moving services that you need, call them. Schedule an appointment so they can come and do the estimate. You should show them all the items you have so they can make a good estimate. 

Pay attention to the moving reviews 

Nowadays, you can find reviews for every product and service. For this reason, you should read moving reviews as well. People like to share their experiences online so use this chance to avoid fraudulent movers. Since most reviews are followed with 5-stars, try to read reviews with 3 or 4-stars. Usually, these reviews focus on both the positive and negative aspects of one company. This does not mean you should completely ignore 1 or 5-stars reviews. However, it is good to hear both sides. In addition to this, if a moving company has overall ratings less than 3-stars, then you should avoid it. This means that a large number of people are dissatisfied with their services. It would be wise to find another moving company since the safety of your items will be in the movers’ hands.  

two women looking at their phones
Read reviews

Find full-service movers in Baltimore County in your local newspapers 

The last place where you can find full-service movers in Baltimore County is your local newspapers. Next time you pass by the newspaper section, pay attention to your local newspaper. You can find adds there for moving companies as well. However, you have to be careful as well since you cannot check moving reviews here. Before you hire them, ask the movers about their track records. Furthermore, many small start-up companies use this form of advertisement to attract their customers. They do not have a big track record as they are just starting to do the business. For this reason, make sure this new company has the moving services you need. Otherwise, go for the bigger established ones.  

How to find the best movers? 

As you can see, these would be the ways to find full-service movers in Baltimore County. Make sure to check their license and their track record. Do not be shy and ask all the burning questions you might have about your move and their services. You should find the best moving company for your move.

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