How to Find the Right Neighborhood in Maryland

You’ve decided to move to Maryland but you can’t pick the right neighborhood. If that’s so we as one of the best local moving companies in Maryland would like to help you out. In this article, we’ll discuss how to find the right neighborhood in Maryland. Instead of you searching infinite hours throughout the web we’ve done all of that for you and already prepared the top 4 neighborhoods for you to find out more about. Since we’re a local company we know a few things about these neighborhoods and Maryland itself. Don’t waste more time and keep reading.

What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Maryland

Maryland has many great cities with amazing neighborhoods. It all depends on what the reasons for your relocation are. However, some diverse places offer something to everyone, no matter what your preferences are. Those places are:

  • Annapolis,
  • Frederick
  • Columbia,
  • Laurel.

Keep reading to find out more about these places and how to find the right neighborhood in Maryland.

Man and woman talking about how to find the right neighborhood in Maryland
If you’re wondering how to find the right neighborhood in Maryland you should first consider the cost of living.

Welcome to Annapolis, Maryland

Since this is the capital of the state of Maryland it’s ideal for homebuyers who value a distinctive setting. But first, we’ll discuss the numbers before we talk about the place itself. The median home price is $990,270 and the median rent is $3,025 per month which isn’t that cheap. Overall housing costs are more expensive that the national average by 149%. Most predictions say that prices are about to rise due to high inflation and because of the incoming recession. So you better contact movers Annapolis to help you move as fast as possible. Grocery costs in Annapolis are 14% more expensive than those nationwide. But there is one thing that is lower by 10 % than the national average when compared with other states, and that’s medical care.

Annapolis nowadays has a population is 40,812 and it keeps increasing. This is also home to the United States Naval Academy and St. John’s College. It was named one of the 20 best places to live on the coast.

Another good neighborhood in Maryland is Frederick

Here in Frederick, you’ll find a lot of fun things to do. Frederick is well-known for its involvement in the American Civil War and other historical landmarks that may be seen in its highly accessible downtown. There are also many galleries and performing and visual arts studios. There are plenty of theaters with amazing plays. When it comes to shopaholics, there are a lot of boutiques, as well as wonderful restaurants for foodies. If you enjoy hillsides and old-world elegance, you’ll like the average property price of this place as well.

The median home price is $895,986. Prices are a bit lower than in Annapolis so the median rent is  $2,737 per month, which is also lower than in Annapolis, higher than the national average. Healthcare prices are even lower than in Annapolis they’re 13% below the national average. If you want to save a couple of more bucks, book the movers Frederick MD and you’ll get a free moving estimate too. Also, groceries are only 10% higher than the national average. The only catch is that utilities are 11% above the national average but since everything else is cheaper it’s a win-win situation.

A man painting a picture
There are lots of art studios and galleries in Frederick

Go to Columbia to find the right neighborhood in Maryland

This is according to many websites and with from our own experience one of the best neighborhoods in Maryland. With a population of 105,412, it’s bigger than Frederick and Annapolis. This place is great for both young professionals and families because it has that dense suburban feel to it. We as one of the most reputable local movers in Columbia MD can tell you that the prices of everything here have gone up, but that’s not just the case in Columbia, it’s in the whole state of Maryland, the USA, and the whole world.

So the place which is rated with A+ as good for families, B+ for housing, A+ for diversity, A- for nightlife, and A for public schools can’t be cheap? Utilities are 5% higher than the national average and groceries are 14% higher than the national average, that’s common for Maryland as you might have guessed by now. But so are the real estate prices, the median home price is $979,729 and the median rent is $2,993 per month, while the healthcare is 10% lower than in other places.

Last but not least is Laurel, Maryland

The prices and the overall cost of living in Laurel is similar to Columbia, Frederick, and Annapolis. But if you ask any of the local movers in Laurel MD they’ll tell you that this place is something else. We’ll just let you know that in the three previously mentioned cities, most people here rent their apartments and the place has an urban-suburban mix feel. In general, Laurel is a secure place and a wonderful place to live. It is peaceful, small, and close to other places like Anne Arundel, College Park, and Bowie. It isn’t like in big cities like Washington but life is much slower and thus stress-free.  So don’t hesitate to call movers in Laurel MD today and be there tomorrow. Additionally, Laurel is close to some excellent parks and hiking and walking routes.

The girl walking over rocks high on the mountain
If you like hiking and nature consider moving to Laurel, Maryland.

How to Find the Right Neighborhood in Maryland in a Nutshell

After reading, all that is left for you is to choose one of the neighborhoods in the state of Maryland and call the right movers. Take into consideration the cost of living, population, and interesting things you can do. Now that you know how to find the right neighborhood in Maryland, get ready for packing and enjoy.

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