How to free up space in your home

There comes a time in everyone’s life when your home is just too cluttered. Are you slipping and bumping into extra stuff in your home? Are your attic and basement filled with stuff that you “may possibly need in some situation”? Well, that situation will almost never come and you should consider decluttering. If you are wondering how to free up space in your home, you came to the right place. We have compiled a list of ideas on how to do just that. Read on, and learn how to free up space in your home!

Freeing up space in your home

There are a couple of ways to declutter your home and you should consider some of them as your preferred method. You can decide to store them inside a storage unit. There are good offers for storage Virginia if you are near. Other than that, you may choose to make a garage sale, sell the items online, or donate the items. We will now go in depth about all these options so you can choose which one fits you best.

a cluttered desk should be a sing that you need to free up space in your home
Clutter is really ugly to look at

Renting a storage unit

When you want to find a storage unit for your clutter, make sure you research all the things a storage unit can offer. Many people decide to rent a storage unit before calling long distance movers Virginia for their upcoming move. There are many types of storage units depending on what it offers.

  • Outdoor storage unit – this is the cheapest option you can get and there are a plethora of them you can find on storage finders. However, it is the cheapest option for a reason. It offers no protection from natural elements, and often no protection against burglary. Your wooden items may crack and bend and your photos may fade away.
  • Indoor storage unit – This is a better option because it has improved security compared to the outdoor storage unit. Indoor storage units may also feature climate control.
  • Climate controlled storage unit – Climate controlled storage units are the best option because you can safely put anything inside without having to worry about natural elements. It offers temperature and humidity control and you should ask the facility owner about the exact information. They are also divided into: humidity controlled storage units, and temperature controlled storage units. One type has humidity control but not temperature control. The other has temperature control but not humidity control.
storage unit
Renting a storage unit is a great idea!

See what matters most to you and make a proper decision. This will affect the state of your items a lot depending on how long do you want to store your items or the type of the item. Some items can handle temperatures better than other but suffer in areas of high humidity. Some items do not even need climate control and they can survive in any environment.

Having a garage sale

If you do not have enough money in your budget to rent a storage unit, but still want to free up space in your home a garage sale is a way to go! A garage sale is a great way to get rid of clutter in your home, and even earn some money while doing it! It is a win-win situation!

However, having a garage sale is not as easy as it sounds. First of all, you need to have proper organization. Proper organization is vital in everything in your life and that applies to have a garage sale as well. You need to make an inventory of everything you plan on selling on your garage sale. After that, divide them by type and try to think of proper prices. It may not be easy to think of the right price for an item. Maybe it has sentimental value to you and you want to put a higher price on it. However, many people will see it as an ordinary item. Also, do not be afraid to barter. If someone wants to buy something at a lower price than you estimated it to be, think about lowering the price. It is better to have a clean house than to have clutter in your home or more weight for your upcoming local move. Movers usually make an estimate based on the weight of your belongings. Less weight means less impact on your budget.

Advertising your garage sale

Another important thing about having a garage sale is proper advertising. A good idea for spreading the word about your garage sale is printing out flyers and posters. You can hire your kids to hand the flyers out to people in the neighborhood. You should also put up posters in notice boards in your neighborhood. If you are more of a digital kind of person, consider using social media to advertise your sale. You can create an event on Facebook and write a short description. And of course, put your address there as well! You will be surprised by the number of people coming in to see what you have to offer!

garage sale
A garage sale will help you free up space in your home

Selling the items online

If you did not manage to sell everything during your garage sale, or just do not want to go through the hassle of organizing one, you can always sell the items online. Websites such as eBay offer these services and it is a good idea to use them! This will give a broader audience for your items and they are more likely to get sold.

Donating the items

If you did not manage to sell any of your extra items, you can always donate them! There are many people that need something that you do not. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Go to a charity organization and deliver all the items to them. If not, you can always bribe your friends to help you with your move by handing out free items.

With all that said, you should be quite prepared for freeing up space in your home. Good luck with your decluttering!


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