How to help seniors adjust to a new home

Do you have seniors in your immediate family? If they are moving to the new address, you should help them. Moving is difficult, and they might not be able to manage everything on their own. Furthermore, when seniors finally move to their new home, it can be sad for them. They need to adjust to their new house. For this reason, here how you can help seniors adjust to a new home 

Before the move 

Before you read about the ways to help seniors adjust to a new home, you can support them before the move as wellFinding a reliable moving company can be tricky, especially for seniors. For this reason, you can step in and look for the best movers in Maryland. They will need all the help they can get and the professional one is the best. In addition to this, help seniors with packing as well. Since most of them have health problems, and they cannot and should not lift heavy things. Therefore, either have movers do to the packing or jump in to help yourself. 

Help seniors adjust to a new home – help with the unpacking 

As you should help with the packing, the same thing applies when it comes to unpacking. When movers Frederick MD deliver their things, make sure to be there so you can assist the movers. In addition to this, it is extremely important to have patience. Seniors can be sometimes difficult to handle, especially when they are changing their surroundings. For this reason, be patient and understanding. Try not to criticize or get mad with seniors. Put the boxes where they believe it is the best, but make sure they will not trip over them. Of course, do not forget to include them as well since it is their new home after all 

people playing games
Be there for your seniors.

Be there for them 

Most seniors live in the one and the same home for many years. Usually, they move because they want to downsize. Even though it is their decision to relocate, they still might feel sad. It can feel like they lost or left behind a huge part of them. For this reason, be there for them when they finally move into their new home. Show your support by staying with seniors for a few hours. If you can, bring them something to eat and drink and set up the most important parts of the house. 

Help seniors adjust to a new home – decorations time 

When you and seniors are done with the unpacking, the job is still not finished. Now is time for a more interesting part of the move – decoration time. In addition to this, you can use this time to socialize with your senior. Here are some ideas what you can decorate together. 

  • Put up curtains for them 
  • Go to the store together and buy some decorations for their house in the best neighborhood they can find
  • Put their books on bookshelves 
  • Hang up the picture on the walls 
  • Place the heavy pieces of furniture where seniors tell you 

Not only will you help seniors adjust to a new home, but you will spend some quality time together. Seniors are always full of interesting stories to tell, and you can listen to them while doing something productive. 

Boost accessibility in their new home 

Some homes might not be the most comfortable or safe for seniors with health problems. If this is the case for your senior, then make sure to boost accessibility. You can put up a small ramp if the senior has troubles climbing the stairs. In addition to this, if your senior is in wheelchairs, then you should check the information regarding wheelchair ramp. There are certain conditions they should meet. Furthermore, there are small things around the house you can do in order to ensure they will not get hurt. These include installing motion-sensing lights, low kitchen cabinets, arranging furniture in a way that does not block pathways, and so on. 

ederly walking with support
Adjust the house according to the senior’s needs.

Help seniors adjust to a new home – hire a caregiver 

Connected to the previous point, if your senior has problems with mobility or needs help with taking their medications, you can hire an in-home caregiver. You will not worry about the safety of your senior since professionals will take care of them. In addition to this, it is important to choose well when it comes to the caregiver. Conduct interviews to see who the best candidate is by checking their references and previous experience. 

Encourage seniors to socialize 

Every move means you will leave your old neighborhood. This also implies meeting new people. For seniors, this can be a problem, since usually, older people do not react well to changes. For this reason, you should encourage them to socialize. You can do a little research about senior clubs in the neighborhood. Maybe you will find something your loved one is interested in. This could be a great opportunity to meet other people in the community. Age does not matter in this case since everyone will adjust better to a new situation if they have someone to talk to. That is why try to introduce the idea but do not be pushy. This all depends on the senior’s will to socialize. 

Stay in touch 

Lastly, do not forget to stay in touch. Make sure to visit them frequently as your schedule and obligations allow. Helping seniors to unpack and decorate their new home is important. However, the most important thing is to show that you care about them. Do not make them feel like you forgot about them. You can even organize together a housewarming party. This is a great way to stay in touch with them while also encouraging them to make new connections.

help seniors adjust to a new home by visiting them with your children
Visit seniors with your family.

How to help seniors adjust to a new home 

As you can see, there are many ways to help seniors adjust to a new home. You can start by organizing the move, helping with unpacking, and visiting them often. Soon enough, your senior will feel comfortable at their new home. 

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