How to help your kids adapt to Baltimore

You’ve decided that it’s time for a change of scenery and Baltimore is your new destination. Moving is a big challenge even if you are moving a couple of blocks away. Doing it as a family can get even tougher. If you think you are under stress before and after the move is over, you are being selfish. We often forget about our children and their needs and feelings when making such a big change. For that reason, we at Allstate Moving and Storage decided to give you a list of things to help your kids adapt to Baltimore. You obviously can’t make all the decisions based on your kids’ but you can take them into consideration and create a better experience both for you and them. Have in mind that Baltimore is a great place to live, work, and have fun so the process will be much easier.

Prepare your kids for the move to Baltimore

It’s extremely important to involve your kids as soon as possible. If you give them clear information they can handle this situation easier. Don’t expect that your kids won’t show some type of negative emotion. When our local movers Baltimore unload items they usually see families that are happily entering their new home but on occasions, they see children that are visibly scared. And who could blame them? You just need to help your kids adapt to Baltimore. And you can do it by asking them simple questions and communicating with them. Are they afraid of fitting in at the new school? Are they afraid they will lose friends from before the move? These are all legitimate fears a child can have. Because of that, you need to be supportive and help your children with this huge transition for them.

Mother talking to child about moving to Baltimore
It’s important to communicate with your children

Help your kids adapt to Baltimore by giving them control

Moving is obviously a job for the grown-ups and there isn’t much space for especially younger kids to have a say in such an important matter. But that doesn’t mean they should be excluded from the process completely. On the contrary, if you give them some tasks they will feel more included and respond to a move in a more positive way.

Younger kids can always help with packing for a move by packing their room. This is a perfect way to declutter so give your kids boxes in which they will pack all the toys they will bring with them and the stuff they want to give away. On the other hand, you can involve older kids in the moving process. Let them help you with picking the moving company or how to organize the packing process. This can be a way to teach them the responsibilities that they will have as adults.

Help your kids adapt by staying in touch with their old friends

One of the biggest fears that kids have is that they could lose friends from back home. Many of us forget how it can be hard to find friends when you are just a kid. Especially if you take into consideration that it could be a long-distance move and a child’s life is changing to a great extent. For that reason make sure your kids feel good and stay in touch with their friends. In today’s world, they don’t need to send letters anymore they can arrange skype calls or play games together online. This will not only help your kids adapt to Baltimore but also create a feeling that they are not losing anything even if they are moving from a place where they felt comfortable.

Girl and her friend on a skype call
With the Internet as an option, your kids can stay in touch with their old friends

Get your kids to find new friends

Even if your kids stay friends with the children from your old neighborhood it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get to know their new surroundings. If you can encourage them to go to the local park or someplace where they can meet up with their peers. When you go and meet the neighbors take your kids with you, who knows maybe some of them have kids too. If they are a bit shy helped them out and give them some advice on how to make friends. Make the idea of new friends appealing to them and it will be so much easier for them.

Help your kids by accepting their emotions

Sometimes even if you try the best to help your kids adapt to Baltimore it isn’t helping. That’s the time you need to accept your children’s emotions. And you need to accept that it will take time and help to get things back to normal. Many parents attempt to buy their kids’ happiness. But you can buy a full Baltimore storage unit of stuff and it wouldn’t be enough to make your kids happy. Try to accept their grief and sometimes misbehavior. A child doesn’t like too many changes so try and help them as best as you can.

Father and his angry child
You need to accept anger from your kids at times

Plan some fun activities in Baltimore with your kids

Baltimore is a perfect place for a family. That said it’s also a welcoming place for kids. If your kids are into sports you can get them into some team sports or take a just take a jog with them. Baltimore has a lot of running tracks so that would be a great idea. You can take them to some of Baltimore’s most renowned places like the National Aquarium or Fort McHenry. There are so many places that you can visit. Try and make your kids feel excited about exploring Baltimore.

A well-executed move takes time and nerves. And if you, an adult, have these strong feelings imagine what a child’s reaction would be. For that reason keep in mind that they will look at you for help. In any way you want to do it it will be a huge deal for them. Take our tips on how to help your kids adapt to Baltimore and we are sure that you and your kids will have an easy time enjoying Baltimore to its fullest.