How to keep pests out of your storage unit

The usage of storage units is a great way to provide adequate protection and safety to your items. Having additional space for your belongings is surely an advantage. However, there are some things you should look out for when renting a storage unit. Today we talk about ways to keep pests out of your storage and ways you can protect your items from such issues. If you are in need storage Baltimore, this is something you’ll need to think about. Pests are an issue most people face in units, especially during winter or summer. These two seasons are the extreme opposites when it comes to weather and many pests do not like it. That is why, they find shelter, usually in a storage unit.

Keep pests out of your storage with these solutions

As we mentioned above, pests will often come to a unit to hide from the weather and conditions or because they are attracted to a certain material or smell. These pests can damage the items you store inside the unit and thus create both financial and emotional burdens for you. For that reason, finding an optimal storage solution is the best way to go.

a rat eating leftover food on the ground as one of the signs to keep pests out of your storage
Pests are often attracted to food and warmth and can easily find a way inside your storage unit

Whether you are moving or in need of a unit, you can consider hiring a professional moving company and their services to help you. On the other hand, you can apply some of the following solutions to help you protect your items:

  • Opt for a unit with pest control
  • Consider what containers you want to use for items inside the unit
  • Clean out your unit
  • Never store food inside the storage
  • Elevate items off the floor
  • Wrap sensitive items in protective materials

Opt for a unit with pest control

If you have some experience with storage units you probably know that you can opt for a variety of different types of units. Luckily, if you have an issue with rodents (or do not want to have an issue), you can just opt for a pest-controlled unit. Much like the temperature-control unit, you can decide to rent a unit that performs regular pest control. This is one of the easiest ways to prevent any rodents, bugs and other pests inside the unit. However, bear in mind that you will have to pay a little more than for a regular storage unit.

Consider what containers you want to use for items inside the unit

The next thing you should worry about is the type of containers you want for your items. If, by any chance, you are unable to currently prevent pests from getting into your unit – choose sturdier materials for containers. By sturdier, we mean plastic containers.

a couple holding cardboard boxes in a light room
If you do not have plastic containers, make sure you tape around the cardboard boxes to ensure no pest chews through it

As pests might easily get through wood and cardboard – plastic is your best option. It is highly unlikely that anything will get through the plastic container and reach the items inside.

Clean out your unit to keep pests out of your storage

The next step is to completely clean and tidy your unit. By doing so, you will, firstly, see if there are traces of any pests around. Secondly, you will ensure a clean and healthy environment for the future. As you are cleaning, check out for any potential places pests can get into the unit. For instance, holes in the walls or floor, spider webs, etc. These are some indicators that might tell you that pests can easily access the unit. You can also decide to use an anti-pest spray. However, whatever your choice might be, cleaning your unit is the best way to tell how easily accessible your unit is for pests.

Avoid storing food inside the unit

The next piece of advice we can give you is to never-ever store food inside the unit. The smell of food will most likely attract rodents and other pests and it can be devastating for your items. More importantly, many storage-renting facilities will not allow you to store any type of food or perishable goods. On top of that, many moving services Baltimore will usually deny transporting food of any sort. However, if your facility allows you to store food, make sure you place it in plastic bags or containers and make sure they are sealed. Generally, always avoid this situation. Moreover, avoid placing food in general – like pet foods, bird seeds, etc.

Elevate items off the floor to keep pests out of your storage

If you do not allow pests to enter or come near your items – they will probably lose interest. More importantly, you will ensure that your items are safe from these types of problems. You can use shelves, hangers and pallets to elevate items off of the floor. Apart from pests, this method is good for preventing moisture to get in contact with your belongings.

a white rat in between a red shirt
Having your items on the floor will make it easier for the pests to access and damage the item

By having your items elevated, you will prevent pests from getting on top of it, entering the fabrics and damaging your items. More importantly, you reduce the chances of your items being in touch with diseases and other harmful bacteria.

Wrap sensitive items in protective materials

Finally, if you cannot keep pests out of your storage, you can protect your items. Protecting your items is something you should always do when storing items inside a storage unit. Moreover, many rodents will often enter furniture and form nests inside. This can potentially lead to a lot of bigger issues than just having pests pass by your unit. So, make sure you protect your furniture when storing it. Moreover, wrap each item individually to prevent pests from chewing through it and damaging them.

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