How to keep your pets safe on moving day

Nowadays, there are so many animals that are pets. Some are calm and nice, while others are energized explorers ready to take over the world. Either way, they have the “sixth sense” when it comes to predicting things that will ruffle their daily rhythm. They feel the rain coming, delivery truck parking in front, or you getting ready to go somewhere. It’s no secret that pets don’t really enjoy traveling. Some are just not used to it. In this case, your pet probably doesn’t know it is coming with you. They already feel overwhelmed so you should try everything to keep your pets safe on moving day.

Advance planning will help keep your pets safe on moving day

Moving is even more stressful when we add pets to it. Moving companies in Maryland can testify about different cases and all of them share one fact. Those creatures are really engaged with their territory. Messing with an unfamiliar environment is really disorientating. If you plan and prepare everything in advance, you can severely lower down the stress that is caused by relocation. Have an action plan starting from day one.

a cat looking through the window
Pets love their territory, so changing the surroundings is never easy for them. Let them adapt.

Here is what to do to keep your pets engaged and stress-free during packing, on a moving day, and while you are unpacking:

  • Set up as much as possible of the new place. Insert some of your pet’s favorite toys or objects and give them the home feeling right away.
  • Don’t wash any of their things. This is a common mistake people make. Your pet should have some familiar scent to connect to in a new place. Give them enough time to adapt and you can wash everything occasionally.
  • Don’t pack their food, toys, or dishes until the very last moment. Moreover, create a separate bag of a few days’ pet supply. They won’t be without food or water during the whole process of relocation. Especially during unpacking.
  • If you already own a car, don’t transport your pet in an unfamiliar vehicle. You must have a carrier to keep your pets safe on moving day during the transport.
  • Don’t open the carrier right away. Ensure all the doors and windows are closed. You don’t want to deal with the missing pet while in all that mess. If you don’t know how to choose the right carrier, ask your veterinarian, but your furry friend should be completely safe in it.
  • Put a collar and an ID tag. This is prevention for your pet getting lost.

Ask your friends to help you keep your pet safe on moving day

You already know that unfamiliar smells and places are the anxiety triggers for your pet. If possible, ask one of your friends to pet sit on a moving day. Your pet will see already familiar faces without any stranger that can ruffle their feelings. There are pros and cons of asking a friend for help, but you have to take care of so many things on a moving day. Having your pet stay at your friend’s place it is already familiar with probably won’t make them stressed out.

a nice friend will keep your pets safe on moving day
Asking a reliable friend to pet sit is a great solution for a moving day.

Remember to choose a friend you truly trust. Your dog or cat is most likely confused with everything. It is maybe just a dog to you, but to it, you are the whole world. We are sure you already heard that. The person who you trusted your pet to must prevent them from wandering or even escaping. Therefore, taking your pet out for a walk is not such a great idea.

Keep your pets safe after the move too

After you reach your destination, unpack your pet’s things first. They rely on a specific scent and spreading everything around could be very helpful. You can dedicate one room for them until you unpack. But, be sure to pet-proof the room especially by closing the windows. You can slowly let them explore the surroundings, but only after everybody’s gone. Movers Frederick MD located know the work and will always suggest the same thing. Get them into the new routine also by placing the food exactly where you want it to be in the future. 

What to do if your pet gets lost

Sometimes life happens, despite all of the preparations and safety measures we took. If your pet runs away on a moving day, just remember to first remain calm. It is best to leave everything, rent the Baltimore storage unit to place everything you haven’t moved yet, and go.

a dog in a box
Even if your pet gets lost, remember to place something scent-heavy in front of the door. It could draw them back.

There are some steps for you to take:

  • Start searching immediately. Leave everything and don’t waste any time moving more boxes or unpacking. The sooner you begin searching, the closer your pet probably is. Take the treats with you and don’t forget to give them once you find your four-legged friend.
  • Place something in front of the door that is scent-heavy. Choose their favorite toys, bedding, or blanket, or even something that is yours. Pets remember the owner’s scent, so why not try. That can draw them near home and they are most likely to stay there until you come back.
  • Post on social media and inform your friends to share and help you find your pet. Take the opportunity to meet your neighbors and get to know your neighborhood. The animal shelter is maybe just around the corner and their help can be huge.

Lastly, don’t forget to change the information on your pet’s microchip. Moving day is a lot of mess and the best way to keep your pets safe on moving day is to keep them out of the action. Choose a quiet area and a reliable person to take care of them. Prevent them from stressing out in any way and your move will be smooth.

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