How to maintain two households in Harford county

Usually, people own one home as it is pretty difficult to keep the house clean and organized. If your house has a large backyard, then, you have to make sure it is clean and free of any weeds. This requires a lot of time that many people do not have. However, sometimes it can happen that you end up with two homes. Generally, people that own two properties plan to rent one out or they end up buying a house when they still have not sold the old one. This means taking care of both properties at once. You might be wondering how to maintain two households in Harford county. Here are all the answers.  

Maintain two households in Harford County on a weekly basis 

First things first, home maintenance will depend on the size and the features of the house. It will also depend on whether you will keep the second house furnished. If the reason behind your two houses is relocation, then, All State Moving and Storage movers will transport all the furniture from one house to the other. This means having one house empty. Whatever the case might be, here are some general tasks to do: 

  • Take care of your yard, especially if you want to sell the house 
  • Vacuum and clean the floor 
  • Clean the bathroom 
  • Remove dust, cobwebs, and other debris 
  • Clean all the appliances if you still have any 
  • Let some fresh air in  

This will not take up too much of your time. You can visit every Saturday, for example. Usually, people have more time on weekends.  

brown wooden floor
You need to clean the floors in your second property as well

Monthly and yearly tasks 

Again, the following tasks are general. They may or may not apply to your two houses. In addition to this, you can skip some of the tasks if you are organizing your move. It is more important to find moving companies Harford County MD than to polish wooden furniture. Still, on a monthly basis, you should do the following. 

  • Clean the fireplace hood and filter, and the furnace filter 
  • Polish wood 
  • Check detectors 
  • Inspect the property 

In addition to this, you should make a yearly schedule as well. These should include washing the windows, cleaning out the gutters, doing a little makeover of one room, and similar. The most important thing is to keep both properties clean. If you plan to rent or sell the house, no one will spend their money on a dirty house with dozens of problems.  

Maintain two households in Harford county by organizing 

How to organize your two houses? This depends on what you will do with those two houses. If you plan to rent, then, you should not move everything to your new house. Tell your long distance movers in Maryland to leave certain pieces. In addition to this, if you plan to sell your second home, again, decide if you will keep it furnished or not. Generally, it would be better to leave a few pieces of neutral furniture in the house. In both cases, you need to visit your second home frequently. Stop mail and newspaper for the time being. Turn off the water to prevent pipes from bursting and making huge damage. Apart from this, you should also pay attention to your house security. Install a good security system in order to protect your home from robberies.  

security alarm
Make sure to install a security alarm

Financial tips for your two properties 

It is expensive to maintain two properties, especially if you are paying two mortgages. This situation can become less expensive if you rent the place or finally sell it. You can also apply for a tax deduction for maintaining two homes. However, better check with your tax advisor. There are other ways to save money. First of all, you should unplug all major appliances. This will lower your bills. Cancel other subscriptions and non-essential services, such as the Internet. In addition to this, you need to insure both homes. The reason is simple. What if something happens while you are away? An empty house is very attractive to people with bad intentions. Do not forget about natural disasters as well. You will hardly rent or sell the place that has gone through some unpleasant things.  

Maintain two households in Harford county with help 

As mentioned, it is hard to maintain two properties. For this reason, you should get some help. You have two choices. The first one is your neighbors. Of course, you should pay for their services. Since they are the closest, your neighbors can mow the lawn, check the condition of the home, open the window to let in some fresh air, etc. On the other hand, you can hire a property management company. They will open and close the house, arrange cleaning, handle the repairs, and even rentals if you want. This is a great option if you do not have time and you are not exactly close to your neighbors. It is extremely important to find someone to take care of your property if you do not have time. If you leave your house untended for a longer period of time, it will start to decay.  

brown house with white windows
Ask your neighbors to help you or hire a property management company

All the tips and tricks 

Owning a property is always a great investment. Having two or more might to financially draining. For this reason, you should find a solution that works best for your situation. If you can pay two mortgages and house maintenance fees, then, keep two houses. However, if this is too expensive for you, then, either find tenants or sell the house as soon as you can. As mentioned, you will achieve this faster if the property is in good condition. Therefore, you should make sure that your second home is ready for their next owners. As you can see, you will need to dedicate a lot of time to maintain two households in Harford county. Find a time and will keep your two houses clean and well organized. 

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