How to make your storage unit safe?

If you do not have enough space in your home, you can rent a storage unit. There are great for storing the items you do not use so often, such as winter clothes and gear, some documents, furniture, and so on. However, since you will be storing your items inside, you should make your storage unit safe. When local mover Washington DC delivers your items to your unit, it would be a shame to lose or damage them. For this reason, here is how you can make your storage unit safe. It is important to follow most of these instructions as the safety of your items is in the question. Therefore, do not hesitate to find a storage unit that has all the protective measures mentioned in the article.  

Make your storage unit safe by checking the storage facility 

The best way to reduce the level of stress and worry about your items is to check the storage facility’s protective measures. When you go to visit your potential unit, check the perimeter. See if they have a strong fence that surrounds the property. You know that the good fence will keep any unwanted guests out. In addition to this, electronic key codes are a great way to make your storage unit safe. The next measure is video surveillance. Video surveillance should cover the entire storage facility 24/7. Lastly, there should a guard on the premise 24/7. 

make your storage safe with fence
Make sure a fence surrounds your storage facility

Environmental Protection  

Before movers in Laurel MD deliver your items to your storage unit, you have to make sure you picked the right one. If you are renting indoor storage, then you have to check if units are sealed and secure. It would be smart to rent climate-controlled storage as your items will be protected from extreme weather conditions. In addition to this, your items will be protected from fire, rust, floods, and corrosion. Therefore, it is important to check the inside of the unit as well, especially if you plan to store valuable items, wooden furniture, important documents, and similar. 

pink storage units
Climate-controlled units offer all the protection that your items need

More safety measures 

Here are some more safety measures you should consider for your unit. 

  • Purchase a solid lock – if you do not like the lock that the facility provides, then change it. Buy a quality lock that cannot be cut by bolt or wire cutter. 
  • Get insurance – see if your facility offers insurance and they cover by the same insurance. If you do not like the option, buy one from the insurance company. 
  • Keep a record of items – before you put items in storage, write down all the things you plan to store. You can even hang a small map on the wall of your unit. This way, you will always know which items are inside. This will also help you to claim insurance if necessary. 

As you can see, these would be all the safety measures. This is hot you can make your storage safe.