How to move a pool table safely

Do you have a pool table at your home? Then, you can play it whenever you want, have friends over, etc. However, when you have to move, then it might be more difficult to organize a relocation. Finding reliable local movers MD will help. But still, you should know how to prepare for their arrival. For this reason, here is how you can move a pool table safely. Remember that a pool table is extremely heavy, up to 1,000 pounds. Therefore, it is really important to follow these moving tips if you want to use your pool table again. 

Move a pool table safely with moving and packing supplies 

Since you are moving, you will need to gather all the necessary packing supplies. The usual packing supplies include moving boxes, bubble wrapping, plastic bins, packing peanuts, tape, etc. However, since you need to move your pool table, you will need additional supplies. These would include the following. 

  • A power drill 
  • Screwdrivers 
  • Socket wrench 
  • Moving blankets 
  • A staple remover 

Having said this, you will need these tools to disassemble your pool table. Since the pool table is extremely heavy and bulky, you will need help. This can be either help from your friends and family or professional help. The same thing applies when you need to gather the necessary supplies and tools. If you do not have any at your home, you can borrow from your friends or neighbors. If you feel like this is too much for you, then hire professionals to disassemble and move your pool table. 

billiard balls
Gather all the necessary supplies for your billiard balls

Renting a moving truck vs hiring movers 

You can organize a DIY move. It is a good way to save money if your moving budget is not big. However, then you need to rent a moving truck. Since a pool table is pretty huge, it will not fit inside minivan or smaller trucks. It would be wise to measure your pool table first then visit the renting facility. You can measure the truck as well to see if your table will fit inside. In addition to this, do not rent a moving truck where only your pool table can fit. You should think about your other items as well. Do you plan to make several trips or just one? Organize in advance because paying for gas for several trips will not be as affordable as you hope. On the other hand, you can hire professionals and let them figure out logistics behind moving a pool table.  

Move a pool table safely with the help 

As mentioned before briefly, you will need help to move a pool table. Do not try it to disassemble a pool table on your own for several reasons. First, it is heavy. You can easily injure yourself thus making a huge problem for yourself. Moving with a serious injury is not something you will want to experience. In addition to this, you can cause property damage. If you want to sell your house or your rental lease is about to expire, you do not need property damage. This means you will have to repair the damage and pay for it. Property damage can be very expensive. For this reason, you should find at least four friends or family members to help you. This applies if you want to place your pool table in storage Virginia. Do not lift and carry the table by yourself.  

move a pool table safely that is quite old
You should ask your friends to help you move a pool table

Measure doorways, staircases, and hallways 

Similar to the previous point, you need to avoid property damage. You can do this by measuring doorways, staircases, and hallways before you invite movers MD to your home. Make sure your pool table can pass through everything. Otherwise, you will damage your table and doorways. In addition to this, you should protect walls and floors with thick towels or even baby-proof bumpers.

You should protect your walls even if you hire movers for relocation. If you live in an apartment, then you have to check the policies regarding relocations. Maybe you will need to book an elevator, notify a building manager, or put up a notice that you are moving. Lastly, wear comfortable clothes. Since you will be carrying a large and heavy item, wear comfortable shoes. Protect your hands with gloves. Avoid wearing flip-flops even during the summer. You can easily slip, drop the table, and injure yourself.  

Move a pool table safely by disassembling the table 

Just like you need to disassemble your furniture before the move, you should disassemble your pool table as well. Once you have tools and help, it is time to do the job. First, you should remove six-ball pockets with either a screwdriver or a staple remover. Then, use a socket wrench to remove the side rail. Since you will have many bolts and screws, take one plastic bag and place them all inside. Then, make sure to label the bag as well, so you will not forget where they came from. In addition to this, remove the top of the table. Be extremely careful not to rip or damage anything. Lastly, you need to remove the slates. They are extremely heavy, so be careful not to hurt yourself. Then, turn the main body of the table upside-down to remove the legs.  

red and yellow balls on the pool table
Make sure to disassemble your pool table properly

Load the truck and reassemble the pool 

Once you disassemble everything, wrap each part in moving blankets or bubble wrapping. Seal the protective materials. Now it is time to load all the pieces into the truck. Make sure to place them well so they cannot move during transit. In addition to this, drive carefully to avoid unnecessary damage. Lastly, you need to reassemble the pool table after the move. Again, ask friends and family to help you or let professionals do the task. Reassembling the pool table is basically the reverse disassembling. Start with legs, slates, etc. If you properly label your bags, you will have no problem finding suitable bolts and screws. 

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