How to organize a going-away party

Organize a going-away party to give yourself an opportunity to say “bon voyage” to an apartment full of memories. Closing a chapter in your life and going forward should be a wonderful celebration. No matter which set of circumstances has led you to this point in your life. Gather a group of your great friends, smile, drink and have fun before long-distance movers Washington DC arrive. Maybe some people will feel weird to throw their own goodbye party, but you shouldn’t think of it that way. It’s the perfect way to start your journey to a brand new adventure. Here are some farewell party ideas for throwing the most memorable goodbye event.

Decide on the guest list and set the date to organize a going-away party you’ll remember

The first three steps you have to get out of the way of your preparations are:

  1. setting a date,
  2. selecting the time and
  3. deciding on the guest list.

When is it?

Most people make the common mistake of hosting their goodbye parties very near their departure date. But if you haven’t finished packing and your whole life is in chaos, then a party is not the best idea at that point. Remember that, if that’s the case, you know you’re going to be frantic with last-minute packing. So don’t choose a party date the weekend before you leave, but go for an earlier date.

Organize a going-away party via email by using a Computer laptop like the one on the photo
No matter how long your guest list is, send emails because it’s the quickest and most convenient way to have your guest list save the date.

Who’s coming?

And when you are deciding on who’s going to attend, make sure you remember to invite everyone you want to say goodbye to. For some people that means inviting their entire neighborhood and every friend from Facebook, but others might invite only a few of their closest friends.

Where is it?

If you are hosting the party at your apartment, make sure your place is going to be tidy enough for people to feel comfortable. You don’t want people feeling awkward standing in a living room with no furniture. Organize a going-away party at your favorite bar, bowling alley, or restaurant. Try asking one of your friends if they could host, while you would, of course, help with the cleanup.

Start to organize a going-away party by inviting your guests

  • Mail invitations early. If you want to make sure all of your beloved friends can definitely be available, send invites at least three weeks before your Au Revoir party. However, don’t send the save-the-dates too much in advance. Residential movers Baltimore say that can cause people to completely forget about your event before the time comes to the party.
  • Go digital. Instead of paper invitations, which get lost in the mail or misplaced in the pile of bills and such, there are several ways you can make sure that people got the memo. One is to create a private Facebook event and invite your friends from there. More and more people do it even for their housewarming parties. A Facebook group can act as a sort of “save the date” even if you are sending emails in addition to the social media invitations.
  • Request an RSVP: It’s best to know if you’ll have 10 or 50 guests. In order to organize a going-away party, you’ll need the right amount of drinks, food, and supplies. So ask your guests to confirm their attendance, and you will have a clear idea of how many of your friends and relatives will be there to send you off.
Plums in a crate
Serve food or drinks that are local to the area especially if you are moving long distance. Get some beers from nearby breweries you love and desserts from a bakery you’ll miss when you leave.

Organize a going-away party with some killer decor!

When we say killer, we mean worth a dollar. At the Dollar store. Nothing will add up to your moving costs as crazy decorations, so do not kill your budget with over-the-top adorns. Hit the dollar store for cheap yet cute decorations you can use once and throw away before the move. You can also purchase some great and fun paper plates and napkins, plastic cups at the Dollar store. Add to you cart some colorful plastic serving bowls to keep chips and snacks in if you want. To be u super-fancy. Cleaning up will be as easy as tossing everything in the trash. Bonus, as if you need one is that you won’t be left with a ton of dishes to tend to with all the moving preparations you still have to do.

Three steps crucial to hosting a great farewell party

  • Give a speech.

Your farewell party could never be complete without you giving an emotional speech. Some ideas for a good speech are a slideshow of your emotional connection to the neighborhood you’ve been living in, a written toast prepared in advance, or a funny skit. Do an improvisation of these suggestions if you are not very good at showing emotions. It is just important to thank your circle for their support and tell everyone how much you’ll miss them. You can make it funny, emotional or poignant, but be sure you let everyone know their love is appreciated.

  • Give practical party favors

You could go for some business cards, magnets or note cards that are practical and can hold all of your new contact information. Even easy DIY magnets could contain this information. You could easily design sticky labels with all of your contact details, print them out, and glue them to the front of the magnets.

Woman at an airport
Remember: This isn’t goodbye forever. Invite everyone to visit so you can organize a housewarming party!
  • Prepare for tears

Prepare yourself for the emotional roller coaster people generally go through at farewell parties. When you try to organize a going-away party and plan a move at the same time, it is easy to forget that it really will be a sad event. It is highly likely you will tear up or get emotional a few times. We are not just talking about mentally preparing for this, wear waterproof mascara! Keep a box of tissues on hand for all your attendees as well. Save the most heartbreaking goodbyes for the end of the night. You’ll want that extra time with your closest friends and family members. Especially if you won’t be seeing them again before you move, you’ll cherish the moments you shared at the party.

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