How to organize a housewarming party

Why buy a beautiful new home if nobody will see it? Organize a housewarming party to show off your new home to all your old friends and new neighbors. Housewarming parties are a longstanding tradition for friends and family to gather and welcome you into your new house and warm it up to a home. It’s also a good way for you to get skip the awkward door to door introductions to all the new faces in the neighborhood. Long distance movers Washington DC know that moving into a new home is chaotic, to say the least. You may not be up for hosting a party. That’s completely normal, but consider using this occasion as motivation to finally and fully unpack. With a few easy steps, you will be on your way to organizing a housewarming party people will remember for years to come.

Glasses being clung together in cheers
 Clear off a table in the middle of one of the rooms and make a solid inventory of liquors, soft drinks, glasses, and napkins.

How To Throw A Housewarming Party?

The first step to throwing a memorable party is to plan well ahead of time. After you’ve settled in with the help of moving and storage Baltimore services, you can begin to organize your housewarming party. Decide if you want daytime socialization or a formal evening dinner party. If you’re feeling up for it, you can even select a theme for your party. Once you decide on all of these big details in place, you will easily organize a fun housewarming party. Celebrate your new home and expand your social circle all at the same time! Here are three main steps you need to arrange in order to throw the most memorable welcome party.

  1. Make a Guest List– Your family and old friends are of course the first people you’ll invite. Next, you want to meet new neighbors so make sure you send them an invite on time. Finally, you want to invite friends of friends if your goal is to expand your social circle.
  2. Pick a Date and Time– Even though there is no perfect time to organize your housewarming party, we advise you to wait a few weeks after moving in. At least. It may be tempting to invite everyone over right away, but you should wait until you completely settle in. You need all the furniture in place, and most boxes unpacked.
  3. Choose a Party Theme– If you’ve chosen to organize a themed housewarming party, again you have to pick a theme well ahead of time. It can be anything from a color theme to a murder mystery if you are feeling adventurous.
The buffet table is a great way to organize a housewarming party
Keep the food simple by ordering bite-size foods that can survive at room temperature for a long time.  

Well, what are you waiting for?

We’re here talking about all you need to know to start celebrating your new home. Organize a housewarming party in your new abode which is just waiting to be shown off.

  • Email invitations a few days or a few weeks before the party. You don’t have to get fancy with them. Don’t overcomplicate this step – emailing invitations is quick and easy enough. As you would with any other party, request your guests to RSVP so you can plan seating arrangements, food preferences and the number of liquids you’ll need.
  • Organize an open house housewarming party. Even if you’ve moved to a bigger house and you need to adjust, the following can happen. When your fabulous guest list outgrows your home’s cozy square footage, all you can do is throw an open house. This sort of party means people can stop by anytime during a predetermined span of several hours. Let’s say you tell them they are welcome between 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. — instead of at exactly 2:00 p.m.
  • Tell your new neighbors to stop by. If you don’t know all the neighbors’ emails, that is completely expected. You’ll have to go door to door or post a party announcement where everyone can see it. What better way to get to know everyone at once than to invite them to welcome you to the neighborhood?

Choose a silly theme if you want to organize a great housewarming party!

Crazy Hats

If you really want to add a theme or a little fun to your welcoming party without demanding too much effort from your guests, a Crazy Hats theme can be a good solution. This partial dress-up allows them to wear clothes of their choice that they feel comfortable in but with a twist. It’s a great ice breaker!

Harry Potter

Why not be extra silly and use the phenomenon of the Harry Potter Universe? Its many elements are easy to incorporate into your home. You can organize a hilarious game of Quidditch or make a goofy quiz for your attendees. Hang some floating candles from the ceiling and create a magical lighting effect over the dining table!

Chocolate Heaven

Create chocolate heaven and stimulate your guests’ indulgent urges with large fondue fountains, chocolate gift boxes or table favors!

Re-use sign
Use paper products and opt for recyclable materials.  

Set up the finishing touches

People are going to want to bring you something, even if you try to tell them there’s no need for such an expense. Because people will want to give you something that’s practical, you can create a registry for things you really need and want! Make sure you include items with different price points to give your guests several options.

Provide a grand tour of your new abode to your guests. After all, that is what your guests came for! And you can start to explore your neighborhood from your living room, in a way. Host a guided tour of your new home, but you can invite everyone to wander on their own as well. Don’t worry if you still have some boxes lying around or if the windows are bare because you still haven’t chosen the curtains. The unfinished bits are all part of the “just moved in” charm!

Set the atmosphere with music. Organize a housewarming party with a special playlist for an upbeat gathering. Bonus points for finding other songs with the keyword “moving”, like the “Our House” by Madness, or “Movin’ Out” by Billy Joel!

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