How to organize a stress-free move with kids

Having kids is stressful. Moving is stressful. Combining these two things can be a nightmare. However, there is a solution to every problem, this one included as well. It is not that hard to organize a stress-free move with kids if you have adequate help from long distance movers Baltimore and prepare accordingly. 

organize a stress-free move with kids by playing with your kids
You can explain the concept of moving with toys

A stress-free move with kids – have an honest conversation  

Moving means leaving behind not only your home but your friends and family as well. Your kids might not be so excited about leaving their school and friends behind. For this reason, you should tell your kids as soon as you can about your upcoming move. Mind you, you should respect some dramatic responses. In order to avoid this, you should be firm about your decision just like when choosing reputable moving companies Harford County MD. Explain to your children why this move is beneficial for the entire family. You can achieve this by highlighting the positive sides. 

  • New home – you can promise your kids new rooms, design, a playroom, etc. 
  • A new city – tell your kids where you can try the delicious cake, ice cream, pizza, etc.  
  • Their new school – even changing school can be a positive thing. Maybe their new school offers a better curriculum than the last one.  

Packing and children 

Packing is usually the most stressful part of one relocation. It seems like you have too many things and not enough time or money. However, you should pay attention to your kids during the packing. In order to reduce your kids’ stress, do not pack their belongings first. Leave their toys for the last so your kids can play while you spend time packing. In addition to this, if your kids are old enough, you can include them in the packing process. For example, they can be responsible for packing their rooms. This will give your children a sense of purpose. Apart from this, you should pack an essential box. This box should include all the essential items as its name suggests. Usually, people pack medication, toiletries, a change of clothes, food, chargers for your gadgets, and toy for your kids.  

crayons in the yellow box
Your kids can label boxes with their crayons

Make your moving fun 

Your kids can enjoy the whole moving process if you make it that way. First of all, be positive. Kids usually mimic their parents’ behavior. A happy parent means a happy child. Then, you should find some interesting tasks for your kids. For example, to make labels for boxes, take care of the pet, etc. Next, let them play with their friends. Again, if your friends go to their friend’s house, you will have time to pack everything in peace. In addition to this, you can plan their new rooms or even the entire house together. Even though it is not the best tactic, you can always bribe your kids with treats and toys. However, do not overdo it as this might turn into a bad habit.