How to organize an office relocation

Have you found the perfect office space for your business? Then, you have to move your entire office to that new address. Since every move is quite complicated, you have to organize an office relocation properly. This means finding office movers Baltimore, informing your employees, and so much more. For this reason, here is how to organize an office relocation successfully. 

How to organize an office relocation – an introduction

When you are organizing an office relocation, you need to make a checklist for the move. This will help you to stay organized and on the right track. You have to take care of so many small details, so it is easy to overlook something. For this reason, get a piece of paper or your phone, and write down all the things you need to do. Your list should contain the following points. 

  • Hire a good moving company  
  • Create the timeline for your move  
  • Design your new office space 
  • Schedule the meeting  
  • Plan your moving budget  
  • Assign tasks to your employees 
  • Make a contact list 
people working with computers
Make a moving checklist for your office relocation

Find a good moving company 

Every move needs a good moving company. The same thing applies to office relocation as well. For this reason, search for a moving company on the Internet. You can type in long distance movers Virginia for example, and see what comes up. After you find several moving companies, make sure to read reviews on their page. This can tell you whether you should hire them or stay away from that company. In addition to this, after you narrow down your choice on a couple of companies, give them a call. Ask about their moving services, packing, and storage facilities if you are interested in those as well. Before signing the contract, be sure to ask about every single detail you do not understand. You do not want to get an unpleasant surprise when you receive the bill after the delivery. 

Make a timeline or a schedule for your move 

Since you have to take care of so many things, you need to make a timeline for your move. Everything should be prepared and packed by the time Virginia local movers come to pick up your items. This means, if your office is on the smaller side, you will need about 2 to 3 months for office relocation. However, for the large office relocation, you will need at least 6 to 8 months. For this reason, try to start on time. Otherwise, you might have unnecessary problems that you can avoid if you give yourself enough time to organize an office relocation. 

Design your new office space 

You should get blueprints of your new office. This will give you time to organize and design the look of your new space. Furthermore, this is especially important if you plan to downsize. You need to decide which items will stay and which one you will throw away. However, if you cannot have the blueprint for some reason, try calling the landlord. You should visit the new office to check if everything works properly. In addition to this, if you do not have the blueprint, you can always rent a storage unit. You can store some of your office furniture there for some time until you find the right place for them. 

Organize an office relocation by talking to your employees 

You cannot move your office on your own if you have employees. For this reason, you should schedule a meeting where you can inform them about your plans. It is extremely important to communicate with your employees. They can express their own opinions, wishes, and expectations that might have about this move. In addition to this, your employees might have some good ideas about the new office space that you can use. For this reason, scheduling a meeting should be one of the things to add to your list when you want to organize an office relocation. 

people having a meeting
Schedule a meeting to inform your employees

Make a budget 

As you already might know, moving can be quite expensive. For this reason, you should set up your budget in advance. You need to identify all the moving costs you can have. These include the moving company’s fees, packing supplies, storage unit rent, transport, and so on. Once you make a rough calculation, you can start saving the money for the move. If you start to prepare for your relocation a couple of months in advance, then you will have enough time to save the money you need. That is why it is important to calculate the moving cost in advance. 

Assign tasks to your employees 

When you organize an office relocation, you should include your employees as well. You can make a to-do list and share the task among your team members. One person should be responsible for one task depending on their abilities. If you have more people organizing the move, you will be more efficient. This is yet another reason to schedule meetings. You can monitor their progress with their assigned tasks. In addition to this, for all the tasks you and your employees cannot manage, call professionals 

Make a contact list 

Since you are moving your office, you need to inform your clients, customers, suppliers, banks, and so on about the change. This means you should update your social media profiles and your visit card. This could be one of the tasks your employee can manage. It is extremely important to notify your customers so they will know where to find you. In addition to this, you should do this before your actual move. So, do not forget to add this to your moving list as well. 

an open tab on the screen
Inform your customers about your relocation

How to organize an office relocation – conclusion

As you can see, it is not difficult to organize an office relocation. It is important to start the preparations on time so you can take care of everything.  This is how you will successfully relocate your office.

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