How to pack a hot tub for relocation

Time to pack for the move! You get a piece of paper and a pen and start writing everything down. While creating an inventory, you go outside and see something you completely forgot. Your hot tub. When you see it, so many problems may come to mind. How exactly are you going to pack a hot tub? Will you hire professional moving services Baltimore, or are you on a budget? How to disconnect the tub from its electrical outlet. Answers to these questions and a lot more await you in this article. So without any further ado, let’s dive in!

pack and move your hot tub efficiently
Moving your hot tub can be a tough endeavor

Pack a hot tub for relocation

A hot tub is a very heavy piece of furniture if we can call it that. If you are on a budget and can’t spare enough money to get professional movers, then you have to think about ways of doing it yourself. One of the best things you can do without hiring local movers Baltimore is to get a couple of really strong friends. You can bribe them into helping you with food and drink, or even offer to donate some items you do not need to them. This will make them more willing to help you, and you will also shed some weight for your upcoming move!

Get enough moving supplies

This may be the most important step when you pack a hot tub for relocation. You do not want to damage anything, and you (and your friends) do not want to get injured while packing and moving it. So, go to your local hardware store and get furniture dollies, moving adhesive tape, cleaning supplies, and a couple of large plywood pieces to put your hot tub on when in the truck.

Some stores like U-Haul rent the items at reasonable prices, and you can use those dollies to carry items as heavy as 1000 pounds. This is great for moving a hot tub because they usually weigh around 900 pounds. You can also get a wooden crate if you want to be extra safe when moving your hot tub. This will prevent any damage being done if something from the moving truck falls on your hot tub. It will also prevent tumbling and damage due to vibrations.

Pack a hot tub for relocation using these tips!
Pack a hot tub for relocation using these tips!

Get help when moving your hot tub

A hot tub is a very heavy object. That is why you need to get help. A hot tub is too big for any person to move alone. So, get at least 3 or more friends to help you with moving your hot tub. If you can find help from your friends, that is great. However, if you do not have strong friends, then you should consider hiring labor movers. They do not have moving trucks, but will only help you with moving the hot tub to your own rented truck. This is important if you are moving by yourself. If you are having a long-distance move, then hiring movers is a must. There are simply too many things you need to worry about if you are doing a DIY move, it just isn’t worth it.

Draw a path to the moving truck

If your hot tub is in your backyard, then this should not be that hard. You need to have a clear path from the hot tub to the moving truck. Make sure you drive the furniture dollies on concrete or some other hard surface. If you need to drive the dollies through your house, make sure to set up ramps on the porch or any single piece of stairs. You should also have a ramp leading from your porch, up to the moving truck. Things will be harder if your hot tub is inside the house in your bathroom and even worse if it is on the second floor. We will talk about moving your tub from your bathroom to the truck later on in the text.

Disconnecting and draining your hot tub

The first thing you should do when you pack a hot tub is disconnecting it from the power outlet. You should do this before draining it. Disconnect every cord and make sure it is not in contact with the hot tub. The best thing you can do is putting the cables in a waterproof bag. You do not want your cords to be soaked in water during your residential move. We all know what happens when electricity and water come in contact, and nobody wants to experience a buzz.

woman in hot tub
Take a bath before draining all the water out of your tub.

After disconnecting the hot tub, you need to drain all the water out. Keep in mind that this is not as simple as it sounds. If you just take the water out and spill it in your yard, you may cause significant damage to the ground. That is why you need to read the instructions and act according to the manual. One of the best ways you can drain the hot tub is by getting a hose and putting it near a street gutter, or your toilet if it is in the bathroom.

Moving the hot tub

After draining the water, you finally have to move the tub to the moving truck. This is the hardest part that requires a lot of lifting and strength. The best-case scenario would be that your hot tub is in your backyard and that there aren’t any tight spaces you need to go through.

If, however, there are, you will need to put the hot tub on its side. Get your friends and start lifting one side. Your other friends should stay on the other side and make sure that you do not overextend. Place it on the furniture dollies and apply a lot of adhesive tape to secure it to the dollies. If you reach a staircase, make sure to go very slowly, and to have one person at the other side of the stairs monitoring and helping your descent. After that, just push the dolly inside the moving truck and place it on some plywood.

This should be it when it comes to packing and moving a hot tub. Good luck with your move!