How to pack a pantry for a move

For a complicated process such as moving you need to give yourself enough time to prepare. Certain rooms in our homes require more time and skills for packing before movers arrive. For example, you will not spend the same amount of time packing the bathroom and your bedroom. Some places such as pantries may require special packing supplies. You may consult movers in Maryland for additional advice regarding preparing this room.  People keep many different things in their pantries. Mostly there are glass jars containing some food. On the other hand, it may happen that you do not have a cellar in your home. This space you may also use for this purpose. Therefore, you may keep some tools and small machines, as well as some clothes and shoes. But if in doubts regarding preparing it, in this article read about how to pack a pantry for a move.

jars laid on the table when packing a pantry for a move
Book additional packing services for your pantry

Where to start with your pantry?

In general, when it comes to moving this is one of the most difficult questions to answer. Which rooms are more important to start with? Should you start from the most difficult room or the easiest one? Your pantry is one of those rooms that take extra time and precaution. Start by contacting movers Ellicott City MD. They can provide you with the packing materials for your pantry. In addition, you can book the packing service with your movers if you do not have enough time to do the packing on your own. Not only would this be quicker, but also safer. With enough time and experience, your movers may wrap up your pantry really quickly. If you decide to go DIY, then start with obtaining the right packing material such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts,

The best packing supplies to pack a pantry for a move

The order of packing things in your pantry is important as well as the packing materials you use for it.

pasta in a jar and a sack
Get proper packing materials for your pantry food

The best as ever is to make an inventory list of your pantry. This way you will know exactly what you have stored there and which packing supplies to obtain. Some of the supplies that you will need are certainly cardboard boxes. Depending on the number of items you have, you can obtain the proportional amount of boxes for the move. In addition, for packing glass jars use some packing materials such as moving peanuts or stoppers to prevent bumping and cracking of the jars. If you need to pack some extra clothes and shoes, these can be put just in ordinary cardboard boxes or large carton bags. Regarding storing tools, to store these use some extra cushioning to prevent tearing of the boxes.

If you need to pack a pantry for a move on short notice

Sometimes it can happen that you need to move last-minute. This can make the moving process even harder as you do not have much time. Please do not worry as there is a solution for that as well.

pantry jars on shelves
Double-check expiration dates on your jars and cans

When trying to pack food from your pantry, consider plastic boxes with snapping lids. These are the most convenient as cardboard boxes may tear under the pressure of heavy food cans. Always put the heaviest items on the bottom to secure that nothing breaks when moving on short notice. Remember to never mix perishables with non-perishables. In addition, always check the expiration dates on your cans and jars. Since jars and cans are really heavy, they can add to the weight and make moving quotes more expensive. Toss off anything you do not need to speed up and make the process cheaper.

Packing your pantry when you are busy

Your move may start in that period of the year when you are really busy at work or have a busy season. In these situations, you need to think straight and follow your checklist for a successful move. Therefore, when packing a pantry for a move learn quickly what to keep and what to get rid of. As we previously mentioned think about what is worth keeping especially if you are moving long-distance. The point is to make the packing process quicker.  For example, there is no point in bringing eggs, opened condiments, leftovers, or liquids in the soft packaging such as juices. Instead, the only things that you should keep from your pantry are sealed boxes such as pasta, canned food, flour, closed condiments, dried spices, or any other dry food. Prevent damages as much as possible.

What to do with the leftover pantry goods

It goes without saying that you will dispose of the food with the expired dates. But there will be some food left that is too risky for transporting while somebody can still use it. There is a risk that the jars or bottles will break and that they will damage the nearby boxes. Everybody has some food left which they do not have time to cook while preparing for the move. There are certain places that would like to take this food from you and give it to those in need. Therefore consider donating your pantry food. There are many food banks in Maryland that deal with this kind of charity and that you can visit and donate to other people. This is definitely a better choice than just trashing away. As a result, when you pack a pantry for a move you will pay less for packing and transportation.

When creating a moving calendar and a checklist, make sure that you have all the steps that your move will include there. Do not forget to get the wise packing materials when you need to pack a pantry for a move. This is particularly important to secure safe packaging and prevent any leaking or scattering of food all over the boxes. In addition, be generous and donate your food to those in need. Of course, you can always donate some to your parents or friends. This way you will create a safe and pay-wise moving environment of your pantry.