How to pack a piano for relocation

If you are planning to pack a piano for a relocation yourself, you should stay objective. Moving such a delicate and bulky object requires precise and gentle handling. Read on to find out what kind of tight, thorough packing will best protect your instrument. The piano has a lot of intricate parts. We are going to list all the steps you need to take when relocating this beautiful instrument. Maybe you’ll be disappointed to hear it needs professionals to dismantle it carefully. Our experienced packing and moving company Baltimore will take all the precautions for safe transport. A piano needs thorough wrapping, padding and sealing for safe transport to your new house.

Follow these vital tips to safely pack a piano for relocation:

1. As we said, you’ll need professional assistance:

Pianos are heavy and bulky, so relocating such a valuable piece of furniture is no DIY project. To pack a piano for relocation, either locally or cross country requires special steps. Not to mention the right tools and equipment. After you’ve considered a selection of professional moving companies, make sure you choose the one that uses the specialized tools and equipment. You are looking for a company that will help you move your piano without any damage what so ever. The purity of the sound can change with improper handling. Enlisting professional movers such are professional moving services Baltimore will save you a lot of worrying and frustration. While they do what they do best, you can focus on other moving issues.

Upright piano and a brown chair, kilim
Note that any unprofessional handling of pianos will lead to changes to the original sound.

2. Always check the insurance policy:

  • Research moving companies through the Better Business Bureau for their reputation and reliability.
  • Always ask friends and family for recommendations.
  • Learn about your rights and responsibilities through the U.S. Department of Transportation, to prepare yourself for working with a moving company.
  • Ask every candidate moving company what insurance is protecting you through them. Also, check your homeowners’ policy to see what it offers. If your moving company does not provide you with insurance, it is difficult to reclaim your loss in the process of transport.
  • Let every moving company you are looking to provide you with an estimate in writing.
  • Confirm it has a U.S. Department of Transportation number on it, especially if you are moving cross country. Even when you’re moving within your state, some states require this USDOT number. 

3. Wrapping the Piano:

One of the first things to do is remove the piano lid. Place the lid on a soft, padded blanket while you wrap and seal the piano casing. Completely pad the piano casing, soundboard, strings, and keyboard with thick blankets. Then seal the whole package with strong packing tape. Next, encase the piano with cardboard crating on all sides. Make sure it’s firmly secured by tightening it around the soundboard with packing tape. The cardboard crating acts as a shield that will ensure that the soundboard survives the travel unscathed.

Important: do not let the tape to touch the piano surface. The padding must be thick enough so that the piano encounters bumps on the way without a scratch.

Properly secure the instrument in the truck: We advise using a wood plant to make sure flooring beneath the piano is leveled. Most truck spaces are usually not perfectly leveled. This is important for preserving the quality and precision of your piano’s sound.

Grand piano, red kilim
Relocating a piano should only be managed by professional piano moving companies.

How much does it cost to pack a piano for relocation and move it to different distances?

The bill for your bulky instrument’s move depends on multiple factors. The size of your piano, your location, the length of transport all goes into the account. We hope this will help you prepare your moving budget accordingly. To pack a piano for relocation and move it professionally will vary even by just selecting different companies. For a baby grand piano, the costs could increase by an additional $100. And the price will go up by an additional $150 to $200 if it’s a grand piano. The weight is important as well – it ranges from 300 pounds for an upright piano to around 1,200-pound for grand pianos. All these factors put together will decide the ultimate bill for this kind of relocation.

A back jeans pocket with a 100 dollar bill and a Mastercard sticking out
The average cost of moving an upright piano goes between $380 to $650.

Price to pack a piano for relocation and moving it locally:

Moving a piano across the same town usually is as little as $100. It can vary by just a little bit depending on the size and weight. Especially if stairs or flights are in the way, the movers will charge $200 or more for their efforts.

  • Upright Piano: Relocation within local towns is between $125 to $600, again depending on the stairs and distance.
  • Baby Grand Piano: This can cost you $600 or more, depending on stairs, lengthier distance, or unique difficulties.
  • Grand Piano: $850+

The cost of long-haul piano packing and moving:

The rules that apply for same town – different neighborhood piano moving, also apply for cross country transports. It may differ a tiny bit from company to company but it will go from $600 onward, depending on the distance of your destination.

  • Upright Piano: Starts at $600 going up, depending on the distances and conditions of your individual case.
  • Baby Grand Piano: It will be at least $1,000 or more.
  • Grand Piano: Can cost up to $1,200 and above, varying because of conditions, distance, and difficulty of the transport.
Pack a piano for relocation together with you favourite notes
The safety of your piano is imperative to make sure it is safely and securely moved to your new destination.

Need storage for your precious instrument?

Maybe you don’t think storage is the best way to pack a piano for relocation and safely keep it while your home is under construction or renovation. Nowadays, there are special storage units that come with many benefits of technology. Such is weather controlled units, designed in a special way to safe keep valuable belongings. Many moving companies offer storage facilities but not all of them will be completely equipped for piano storage. So be sure to do your research on this as well and never opt for the first option or for the nearest convenience. Caring for a piano is no easy task that allows for superficiality. Do some thorough research for a carefree piano moving!

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