How to pack a studio apartment in Virginia in a week

Living in a studio apartment and you got a new job? If that means you need to relocate, you probably already looking for a new apartment. Now when you have found a new home, the moving process is in front of you. But what if you have just one week to pack and move to your new home? Although you think this is a short deadline, we must tell you the truth, and you will like it. It will be easy for you to pack a studio apartment in Virginia in a week. A week is enough for you to conduct this task, but you will need to have a plan. Whether you are moving intrastate or interstate, our long distance movers Virginia will be at your disposal. We can help you organize, plan, pack and complete this transition. Also, we will remind you of important steps to take.

Create a plan and you’ll be able to pack a studio apartment in Virginia in a week

When you are just a week away from a fresh start, you could feel pressure and nervous. Since you don’t need to pack and move a large house, your task will be manageable, especially if you start on time. So, start with planning the logistics of your move and decide how much help you will need. According to the time you have to be involved in the moving process, divide your task into those you will finish and those you will need help to be done. Then contact Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland and appoint your moving date. Now when you know when your movers will arrive, organize your time and get to work crossing items on the list.

A person holding a pen while creates a plan to pack a studio apartment in Virginia in a week
When you have a strategy, it will not be hard to pack a studio apartment in Virginia in a week.

Start with the items you don’t use frequently

One of the first things you should do before you start packing is to gather packing supplies. When you have all the packing materials you need, it will be simple to pack a studio apartment in Virginia in a week. Regardless of the city or state, your new apartment is located in, consider how much space you have there. If you are not sure there will be enough space to place your entire possession, consider renting storage Virginia. Then, firstly pack those items you will place in the storage. When it comes to the rest of your possession, make sure to donate or toss those items you don’t use at all. This will speed up your packing process and lighten up your load. Even if you need to place your entire possession in the storage before you find the home that fits you, keep following our packing tips.

Couple wrapping a chair
Start with items you will place in storage.


Many people own items that are hard to pack and move. If you are among them, contact your moving services Virginia and tell them about special items you will need help to pack and move. They will take care of these tasks and you will be able to proceed with packing without worries.

Forget about sorting but don’t forget labeling

When you know you need to pack a small apartment in Virginia in a week, there is no room for thoroughly sorting your belongings. Instead of sorting, all you need for a successful move are well-labeled boxes. Nevertheless, it will be good if your boxes are filled with like items all stacked neatly together. However, if many other tasks await you, it is perfectly fine to just get your things in boxes and sort them after the move. So, purchase color-coded labels at the Amazon website and make sure to label your boxes properly. Label things by each room of your studio apartment and it will be easy for you to unpack.