How to pack and move bulky furniture long distance

There are many things to consider when planning a move. Whether it’s a short or a long-distance move- it always requires some serious planning and good execution. The first thing you need to consider is hiring experienced and reliable long distance movers in Maryland because you don’t want any surprises in the middle of your move. Then you need to decide what you are taking with you, and if you are getting rid of some things. What if you decided to move all your furniture with you? If you have decided to move with your furniture and you realized that you don’t really know how to pack and move bulky furniture long distance, keep reading because we are about to answer that question for you.

When you pack and move bulky furniture long distance, you need to protect it

There are quite a few things to consider when you think about protecting your furniture during the move. There are many moving services Baltimore that can be provided for you, so, consider the following:

Wrap your furniture

Think about wrapping your bulky furniture in plastic wrap. The plastic wrap is a great ally during the move because it will prevent the dust from getting on your furniture. However, make sure you use some blankets first, so the plastic doesn’t stick to your furniture and ruin it. Also, poke some tiny holes in the plastic to let the air in, because nobody wants to deal with mold after the move.

A chair wrapped in plastic
When you pack and move bulky furniture long distance, make sure you wrap it in plastic

Protect glass surfaces

We all know how important it is to protect glass surfaces. You can cover them with cardboard and use bubble wrap over them. Another useful trick commonly used is taping a large X onto the glass, this is a great shock absorber, and, even if it does break, it is less likely to completely shatter into tiny pieces.

Carpets and rugs

Some items that are easily overlooked are carpets and rugs. They can be rolled up and secured with tape. Make sure that you don’t use plastic wrap on them, because that will only lead to trapping the moisture which then results in mold, and that can be a death sentence for your carpets and rugs. Instead, you can simply use packing paper for your rugs and carpets.

Disassemble your furniture when you pack and move bulky furniture long distance

This step is important because it will make moving the furniture and fitting it through doorways much easier. Start with removing the legs of couches and chairs. If this means that you have to remove some screws, make sure you pack the screws in plastic bags and label them adequately so when the time comes to put it back together – you know exactly what you need to use for which item.

Remove all other movable parts of your furniture, such as cushions, drawers, knobs, etc. In case the drawers can not be removed, make sure you secure them in place using the tape. Also, before taping the drawers, empty them completely to make the item lighter and easier to carry.

Can I pack and move bulky furniture long distance myself?

We are sure this question has crossed your mind at some point during your move planning, especially if you want to move on a budget. The answer is not a simple yes or no, it’s: it depends.

To answer this question, you will first have to answer a few other questions:

  • Have you moved on your own before?
  • Do you have friends/family/colleagues who can assist you with the move?
  • Do you have access to moving equipment required to move bulky furniture?

If you answered yes to most or all of these questions, you are ready to take on the challenge of moving with your bulky furniture without a moving company.

A couch with a cover next to several moving boxes
You need to protect your furniture before the move

Equipment required if you pack and move bulky furniture long distance on your own

  1. Furniture sliders

Sliders make it easy to move your bulky furniture across the floor without picking it up and carrying it. They work on any surface, including carpets without damaging it. They are placed under the legs or corners of the item. Think about tying straps around the item and pulling it instead of pushing it, because this will lower the risk of the item tipping over as well as creating any damage to the furniture.

  1. Lifting straps

Furniture straps will help reduce the weight pressure on your back. If you are buying them, look for straps that you can adjust for different heights. Also, make sure you don’t use them for carrying items up and down the stairs because this can lead to injuries.

  1. Dollies

Furniture dollies can be very handy when moving bulky furniture. There are two types available, one has two wheels, and the other one has four wheels. You can buy only one type for your move. The two-wheel dollies are better when you are moving tall furniture items because they have a smaller platform and that will help distribute the weight vertically. Again, make sure you secure the items with straps or rope before you start moving them.

  1. Gloves

Make sure you protect your hands by using gloves when you are handling bulky and/or heavy furniture. They will protect your hands and fingers.

Mind the way you carry the furniture

  • Make sure when you lift the furniture you use the strength of your legs and not your back. Bend your knees and keep your back straight.
  • Carry the items as close to your body as possible, it will help your balance.
  • To prevent injury, do not twist your body or make sudden movements
A man and a woman lift a couch
Make sure you are careful when lifting bulky furniture

There are many things to consider if you want to move on your own, and we would always recommend hiring professionals who have the experience and the expertise in this field to take care of it for you. Movers Baltimore will pack and move bulky furniture long distance for you, and you can relax, enjoy your move, and let them do the hard work.

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