How to pack and move picture frames

Moving is a difficult endeavor. There are so many things you have to think about and so many things you need to pay attention to. This will come as clear as day when you realize that you have to pack everything. If you are in a bind residential movers Baltimore can help with heavy furniture. After you are finished packing all the heavy and bulky furniture and your wardrobe, the tricky part ensues. How exactly are you going to pack and move picture frames? The answer to this question lies in this article. Make sure to read it from beginning to the end in order to learn how to do it correctly.

pack and move antique picture frames
If you have antique frames pay more attention to packing.

Pack and move picture frames the right way

There are a couple of guidelines you have to follow in order to pack and move picture frames the right way. Make sure to hire expert local movers Baltimore so your picture frames are in good hands. Better safe than sorry! You do not want to see your precious art and picture frames broken or shattered. They carry a lot of memories and are an insight into a significant moment in your life. So read on to learn the best way to pack and move picture frames.

Get the right packing materials

In order to avoid any damage being done to your items, you need to have proper supplies on hand. Visit your local hardware store and get some packing paper, packing tape, air-filled wrap, Styrofoam, different sized moving boxes, and even some glassine and acid-free paper. Another good thing you can get are photo albums. This way you will be able to put the pictures inside the album for the relocation.

The importance of different sized boxes

When you go to the hardware store, make sure to ask for different sized boxes. Getting a couple of boxes of the same size will not cut it because you will lose efficiency when packing. It is important to use the box of the right size for certain frames. When you put the frame inside, you want to have the least amount of space left in the box. This will reduce the chance of your frames tumbling and breaking.

Different sized frames require different sized boxes.

In addition, your movers will be very happy if you get different sized boxes. This is because it allows them to be much more space-efficient when packing things inside the truck. Local movers in Maryland usually use the “Tetris” method of stacking boxes. This means that they will put the heavier and sturdier boxes on the bottom and lighter and smaller ones on top. They will also be able to fill the spaces between the boxes by putting smaller ones in the gaps.

Packing picture frames

Now we will show you the right way to pack and move picture frames. Make sure that you have gathered enough of the supplies listed above and get packing!

Prevent damage while you pack and move picture frames

The first thing you should do is put some tape on the glass. Create an “X” on the glass with the tape. This is beneficial because it will keep the glass from breaking. Do not ask us how, it is complicated physics after all! Then you should take some Styrofoam or cut cardboard, and put it on the edges of the frame. Secure it with tape and then wrap everything in a moving blanket. You can also use packing paper for this step, just make sure to use enough.

If you are still afraid that the frame is not secure, use the air-filled wrap to give it extra security. Put a moving blanket inside the box and place the picture frame on it. If there is still space left inside the box on the sides, you can use more moving blankets or cut cardboard. Another great idea is to use foam nuggets. They will prevent the frame from tumbling and fill up the gaps inside the box.

Packing the box

If there is more space on the top of your frame and you think you can put another one on top of it, go ahead. Just do not do so if it does not fit the box perfectly. It is better to use more boxes for your move then to overfill them. In addition, if you are packing a larger frame, this is a very important notion. Do not put a smaller frame inside the box with a bigger one as it can cause damage to the glass. The best thing you can do is get boxes that fit these larger frames perfectly. After that, tape the box securely and write “fragile” on it. You can also tell your long-distance movers to be careful with it in the case that they did not see the label.

How to store photos after you pack and move picture frames

When you decide to pack and move picture frames it is a good idea to take the photos out first. Then another question arises: “What to do with them?” Well, we have advice for that too. If you have read which packing materials you need to get, you may have noticed that we have mentioned getting photo albums. Photo albums are the most popular way of storing photos. However, there are certain types of photo albums that may seem convenient but can cause damage to your photos. There are certain magnetic peel-and-stick albums or albums that are not lignin- or acid-free.

polariod photos
Store photos the right way

In addition, there are photo boxes. Photo boxes are a great tool for storing photos long term. Put the photos inside and do not worry about them. They will be safe and you will never forget where they are. If you are more into tech, you may want to scan the photos and put them in digital storage. This is a great way to store photos and not have to worry about their physical form. If you store photos digitally, they will not decay over time and you will always be able to print them again.

With all that said, get on to it and pack and move picture frames!

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