How to pack and protect important business documents when moving

When preparing for the move we need to think about lots of things. Rushing around can easily cause that you forget certain important things to do. Obtaining proper packing materials for your move is of great importance. When creating a moving checklist, we usually put down common activities. Getting moving boxes, packing tape, booking a moving company, etc. It will be also necessary when researching moving companies in Maryland to ask them for every detail you can think of. If you are not sure what to ask, create a list of questions. A common thing people forget is to properly pack and protect important business documents when moving. We usually think that we can put these in a dry box and that’s it. But in reality, storing documents is actually serious work to do. In this text, learn how to handle packing documents properly.

a man pack and protect important business documents when moving
Get proper information on how to pack the documents for the move

Reliable movers can give you advice on how you can pack and protect important business documents when moving

When it comes to moving, we must move our entire business to a new city or country. This is not an easy job to do, especially when it comes to transporting documents. Now is definitely not a good time to experiment. Therefore, what you really need to do is to contact several movers Ellicott City MD. Reliable movers can give you proper information on what kind of packing you should get to store all your documents for the move. In addition, if you have a home office, then you probably have tons of boxes full of paper. Then you must take a  lot of extra care to first all sort out these. Yes, decluttering first. Sit down with a colleague or an employee and start sorting out all these papers. You definitely want to cut down the number of documents you wish to take.

Getting proper packing material

Now that you have finished decluttering, you will have many piles of papers that you need to store somehow. Regrading documents you no longer need we suggest that you shred them before disposing of them.

packing material and notebooks
It is important to pack and protect important business documents when moving

Optionally, if you wish to take as little paper as possible, you can scan and put your files on the disc. Do not forget to label all those files that you have created. You must prepare everything before movers Howard County arrive to pick things up. Here we will list some necessary packing material that you need to get:

  • plastic bins to ensure they don’t sustain any water damage during transport
  • file folders and separate boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Markers and pens
  • consider getting gas with a special design for packing documents
  • phone, cameras, USBs to create backups
  • labels in different colors

Pack and protect important business documents when moving

Now that you have all that is necessary, your packing process can start. But first of all, we need to mention that you must create a backup of all the documentation that you plan to keep.

papers separated by colored labels
label the documents you plan to pack

This refers both to physical copies and electronic documentation as well. Scan all the documents and also take pictures of them just in case. Ask some of your employees to create separate files of these documents. In the meantime, start packing properly that sensitive documentation. The easiest would be to start with files, papers, and books. These take the most of your time. That means to use boxes or bins with built-in inserts for hanging files. Make sure that you store them out of the moisture. Also, try to seal them up with plastic to protect them from damage, as moisture or mold can damage the whole documentation.

Consider professional packing services

When you think about moving your business, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably full-time service. That means arranging with your movers to not only transport but also pack and protect important business documents when moving. Hiring professional packers can bring you benefits on several levels. Of course, you will still need to declutter the space and shred the paperwork you no longer need. But after that feel free to let professionals do their job. This will save you time and energy on finding proper packing materials. You will not need to worry whether you chose the good ones. Or will some damage happen to your documents? In addition, they will finish the job a lot faster than you as they have experience. While professionals are busy packing, you can dedicate your time to the business and it will suffer less.

Packing business documents DIY

If after all you still wish to pack your business documentation on your own, there is some additional advice that you can apply. Different diplomas, certificates, and photographs you should pack separately in bubble wrap. Edges and corners should have cardboard protection. Put a huge X with the tape over it to protect the glass from breaking. If you want to be a hundred percent sure regarding packing your documents, there are some bags specially designed to fireproof documents. This combination of materials can protect your documents both from fire and moisture. Regarding documents on devices, if you still have original computer boxes, put them there and safely wrap them up in bubble wrap. When you put the devices together, fill the space in with packing paper. Pack cables and additional components separately. Finally, label the box with the label FRAGILE in order to save it from further damage.

It takes a lot of time and energy to pack and protect important business documents when moving. Therefore, you should start with all the preparation way in advance. Of course, you can ask some colleagues and employees to help you out with this. Most importantly if you wish to save time, money, and energy, hire professional packers. They will be busy packing your documentation properly while you can focus on other important things. Do not forget to destroy all the documents you no longer need. Alternatively, think about bringing them into recycling. Use climate-controlled packing materials and soon your documents will reach your new office in good condition.

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