How to pack clothes for moving?

Before you begin to pack clothes for moving, assess your closet, stop and take a long, hard look in your closet. In order to fully assess your closet and pack clothes for moving like moving and storage Baltimore professionals, try our tip. Hang all the clothes on hangers in front of you. Take folded clothes out of storage and put them on your bed. This will give you a better picture of what you own and how to approach packing.

Organized closet
Purging your closet of unused and unnecessary clothing items is the first step towards moving clothes.

So you want to store your sentimental closet items?

If you’re not ready to part with certain sentimental garments, try storing them in a self-storage unit. Whether it’s your wedding dress or some special vintage items, there are closet pieces that are too important to donate or sell. Even though you might not wear them regularly, you still might prefer to keep them in your possession. If you need a safe, secure and climate-controlled Baltimore storage unit, contact us and we will make everything possible for you!

Wash or dry-clean garments before you begin to pack clothes for moving

Before you can even start to pack clothes for moving, we highly recommend you to wash everything. As thoroughly as possible. Packing dirty clothes with clean clothes makes all of your clothes stinky. And you want to have a clean, fresh start in your new home. Not to mention, if you leave any of your clothes damp, you can expect persistent mildew problems.

Assess your closet by taking a good look at your clothing, shoes, hats, bags and other accessories. Which items will be worth packing and which items you might no longer want or need?

How to pack clothes for moving and what to use?

Now that you’ve decided what to keep, you’ll need to start thinking about how to pack clothes for moving. And how you plan on moving these closet items. Start by gathering necessary packing supplies. Here are the main supplies you will need when packing clothes:

  • Cardboard boxes – Use them for packing folded clothing. And you can find them just about anywhere!
  • Wardrobe boxes – these items will come in handy for packing clothes on hangers. They also prevent items from wrinkling easily.
  • Suitcases – Here’s an excellent low-cost way to pack folded clothing for moving. Not to mention shoes and more.
  • Duffel bags – You probably have a couple of duffel bags in your closet already. These small bags are a great way to transport folded garments and shoes. But we recommend rolling your clothes when you use duffel bags to move them.
  • Vacuum or compression bags – These special bags are reusable and are a great way to condense clothing items during transportation. You will also be protecting them from the elements. There you have it! We hope that with the help of Allstate Moving you will be able to quickly and efficiently pack clothes for moving like a pro!