How to pack glassware for storage

Packing glassware for storage is a process that you should approach carefully and with a plan. You are packing very fragile items and you should be careful. In the following article and tell you how to properly pack glassware for storage and then how to transport it to the storage using the services of movers MD. Now, let us begin our packing guide.

Pack glassware for storage with proper packing supplies

This isn’t something you can do it some regular or used packing supplies.  Here you will have to think about the safety and quality of the glassware you wish to store.  There are several packing supplies you can use when doing this such as:

  • Old blankets – or any sort of fabric for that matter. They’re perfect padding materials when you have to pack glassware.
  • Use old newspapers – It is important to make them wet, so then you can wrap them around all the glassware you want to pack for storage. Once they dry up, you can rest easy knowing they are properly packed and ready for the move with long distance movers Washington DC.
  • Packing hay and packing peanuts are excellent for this occasion. They will fill up the oddly shaped empty spaces in the boxes. This will in return give your glassware all the protection it will need.
old newspapers you can use to pack glassware for storage
You can pack glassware for storage by using old newspapers

As you can see these are the best materials you can use when packing and moving your glassware. Once you do this, you can start looking for the best storage units Washington DC for them. When you properly pack and store them, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Think about wooden crates or plastic bins

Sometimes, moving boxes can’t provide us with the best protection when packing glassware. That is why you need to opt for getting plastic bins or wooden crates. They are very sturdy and will provide your glassware with the best protection they will need while being stored. Even if something falls on them, they won’t break. But, before you do this, make sure to clean your glassware properly. That way you will pack it in the best condition.

image of glasses
Always pack your glassware in wooden crates or plastic bins

These are some of the best ways to pack glassware for storage. Mentioning any other would be pointless since these are the ones that will help you with your packing. If you wish to ask us something more about the move, you can always call us, and get all the information you will need. We are more than happy to aid you. And, you can always visit our blog. There you can find many other tips and tricks you can follow when moving.