How to pack jewelry for a move

Jewelry, as well as other family heirlooms, will require special protection when planning to move it. Although you will mostly be dealing with jewelry that is small, this should not mean you can treat it poorly. On the contrary, due to the high value, you have to pack jewelry for a move in the best manner possible. With that in mind, you should pay attention to how you protect it and what approach you have when it comes to packing it. Of course, to make the relocation process easier you should consider hiring movers in Maryland. This way, you will ensure the safety of your belongings. Furthermore, the moving company might give you some useful tips on how to properly protect your jewelry. Allow us to help you find the proper way to successfully pack your prized possessions for relocation.

Ways to pack jewelry for a move

Jewelry, in general, will always be valuable. Now, some pieces might be of high monetary value, while others will have a more sentimental value. Regardless, protecting them as you move is a very important thing to think about. As losing or breaking them can make you stressed and cause financial losses, you need to find a good way to ensure they remain intact. Luckily, that is exactly what we will be talking about today.

a large number of jewelry on wooden plates
Knowing how to approach packing your valuable possessions is very important for their safety

Furthermore, even with the help of moving companies Harford County, MD, you will have to protect your jewelry yourself. This is mostly because moving companies refrain from getting in contact with valuables from their clients. This ensures that you do not get your valuables stolen when moving and that the company can, without a worry, grasp the whole process properly.

Keep it simple – Use a jewelry box

One of the simplest ways to go about this process is to use jewelry boxes to accommodate your valuables. These boxes are very convenient and are made for storing jewelry inside. However, if you are worried about particular jewelry from inside the box, you can always opt for additional protection. For instance, you can place certain jewelry inside sandwich bags and store them inside the box. Note that, the jewelry box usually works as a container in which you can gather all of your valuables. It does not provide adequate protection to each individual jewelry. You will have to protect them yourself. However, jewelry boxes are a great place to store most of your jewelry and keep them in one place.

Keep it safe – Make an inventory

So, you want to pack jewelry for a move but you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of it you have? Well, you can gain control of the process by writing down all the pieces you have. Furthermore, you can also decide to take picture of each piece of jewelry you own and want to take with you. That way, you will know how much jewelry you have to pack and make sure you keep them all safe.

a woman making a checklist as she gets ready to pack jewelry for a move
A checklist and photos can help you not forget some jewelry and ensure they are all accounted for

By creating a list of jewelry you have to pack, you also allow yourself to obtain adequate packing material. This is something we will talk about in the paragraphs below. Nonetheless, keeping an inventory is something you should definitely do if you plan on asking friends for help. Not that the friends might steal from you, but that you do not lose jewelry in the process from being overwhelmed.

DIY ways to pack jewelry for a move – Using straws and toilet paper rolls

Although this might seem unorthodox, straws and toilet paper rolls make the perfect companion for packing jewelry for a move. Now, you might be thinking that this is too much. However, straws are perfect for storing necklaces inside them. Not only do they help you avoid creating a tangle with necklace chains, but they also make it easy for you to organize everything. Simply place the necklace chain through the straw and voila, you are ready for the road. Whether you are traveling with jewelry or moving it away, finding a good solution to store and protect them is a must. In the same manner, you can use toilet paper rolls. However, you should try and use them more for bracelets. Namely, you can simply place bracelets around the roll and stack them on it. Moreover, this is a great way to gather all bracelets in one place.

Ziplock or sandwich bags

Using zip lock or sandwich bags is another great way to keep your jewelry safe in one place. Misplacing an item or losing is one of the main causes of stress when someone is moving. Luckily, these items can help you keep all of your items in one place. Furthermore, they will help you segregate your jewelry properly before actually packing it. Later, you can place these bags inside boxes or containers for easier transport.

a woman in a blue dress and and with a purse is holding a white hat
Ziplock and sandwich bags are convenient because they provide protection yet can fit anywhere

Bags like zip locks and sandwich bags allow you to store items inside them and, as they are seethrough, keep an eye on them. On top of that, they provide a layer of protection for your jewelry as you stack the bags one on top of another. What is important tho is to know what you should pack inside. For instance, you want to avoid packing necklaces or bracelets with other jewelry.

Additional things to know

If you are planning to pack jewelry for a move you need to be aware of a couple of things. Those things are:

  • Moving companies will not transport jewelry – Due to safety reasons you will not be able to store jewelry inside the moving truck
  • Always keep it close to you – As you are packing your car, place jewelry inside it so you are nearby, just in case
  • Segregate the jewelry – Always separate different types of jewelry before packing them
  • Tangled jewelry might be the most difficult thing about the process – Avoid getting your jewels tangled if you want to avoid stress

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