How to pack photographs for your Baltimore relocation

You must feel terrified when it comes to moving your fragile items. Those can be your art pieces, expensive china, or photographs you want to keep for a long time. Artwork can be really large and hard to protect. You will need plenty of materials to cover it. But when it comes to packing photographs, you really want to ensure your memories are safe during the relocation. Especially when those photographs are framed. Let’s see how we can avoid ending up with shattered glass all over the new place. One of the things you’ll want to do is to hire long-distance movers Baltimore. They will share good ways to protect your family photos. Read on how to pack photographs for your Baltimore relocation, no matter where are you moving from.

How to pack photographs for your Baltimore relocation

First, take out all of the photos you have that are not in the photo albums. You were probably keeping them in some boxes or bags. We want to keep them flat and safe and avoid any damage. A good way would be placing them inside a big book, like an encyclopedia. If you don’t have any hardback book, any would do. Just keep in mind it’s bigger than the actual size of the biggest photo you’re about to pack there. That way your family photos will be safe, even if you place them in some kind of Baltimore storage unit. Books are always a good investment, don’t you think?

don't leave photos in the boxes when you pack photographs for your Baltimore relocation
Take all the photographs out from the boxes when you want to pack them. That way you will be sure they are safe.

Often, there are more photos than good protective books nowadays. If there are plenty of loose photos, investing in a number of photo albums could be a great idea. The album itself will protect them from damaging and folding. The problem with packing albums isn’t the breakdown that can happen. You could lose it. So, even if you lose one, your precious memories could just fade away. And you can’t compensate for that. When buying, remember to look for albums with acid-free papers. Those will keep your memories for decades.

Organize your photographs

This is a very important step. After you took out all of the photographs, remember to organize them. Usually, they are kept in all kinds of places. You could even be surprised if you find some photos hidden away unintentionally. Set aside a few hours just for sorting out photos. Even though doing this with your family could be a great time spent together, it will really slow down the process. Try doing it alone. Here are some ideas:

  • Buy paper envelopes the size of the photos. Keep the related ones together. That could be one year per envelope, or one birthday party separated from the other. Later on, they will be ready to be placed in photo albums.
  • Zip-lock bags could be an even better idea. They will protect them from moisture and dirt. Pack photographs for your Baltimore relocation in zip-locks and you can be pretty sure nothing will happen to them.
  • If you already have albums, place the related photographs together before you pack everything. You already have some extra hours for this, why don’t you do it in advance. Unfilled albums also have extra space for some photos.
  • Label each group of photos accordingly. This is always helpful when you want to quickly unpack and find all the belongings at the destination.
put photographs in envelopes to prepare for the relocation
Organize all the photos before you pack them. Envelopes or zip-lock bags could do great work in protecting your photos from damage.

As you are getting organized for a move, keep in mind the time you’ll need for photographs and other memorabilia. Don’t leave this for last because you’ll end up rushing.

How to pack framed photographs for your Baltimore relocation

Having said all of the above, the best way to protect your photos is to take them out of the frames. After that, pack accordingly regarding the pieces of advice we gave you. No matter how good the protection of the frames is, there is always a chance the shattered glass will harm the photo. You should always tell the movers or anyone else handling your boxes which one is fragile. Remember to mark as fragile the box where you pack jewelry for a move as well. That could also be very tricky.

On the other hand, let’s talk about how to protect the frames. No matter if the photo is inside or not, we don’t want the frames to break in any way. Don’t just wrap the frame and believe your job is done. First, take old children’s books or magazines and cover the glass with them. Second, protect the edges and corners with some extra bubble wrap or sponges. Lastly, pack the whole package in another layer of bubble wrap or some old blanket. Stack all the packed frames in the box and label them as fragile. Now they are ready to be handed off to the movers. Guys from Allstate Moving and Storage say that’s the best way to protect artwork and framed family photos.

Pack photographs for your Baltimore relocation the safest way

In the 21st century, we have so many ways to keep our memories. One chooses social media, while others take another digital device to create storage. We can agree that digital copies are way more precious and rare. But keeping your photographs on the hard drive will definitely keep them from harm.

digital camera on the table
Nowadays it is very easy to keep digital copies of your photos thanks to digital cameras.

Use a home scanner, if you own one. Scan everything and keep your digital backups. It will be stored and ready for sharing with your family. If you don’t have a scanner, a lot of photo stores offer this service.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that there is always a chance for mishaps. No matter how reliable the movers or your friends are, something could go wrong. Although, if you follow our instructions on how to pack photographs for your Baltimore relocation, your precious memories are most likely to make it to your new home.