How to pack your fridge

Moving a fridge or a freezer is not a simple task, mostly because they are heavy objects. If you do not properly prepare your appliance before your long distance movers in Maryland arrive, you risk damaging the rest of your belongings in the moving truck. Never put yourself in danger by inadequately moving heavy items like the refrigerator and freezer. Enlist the pros and while they do the heavy lifting, you can enjoy our blog. Read on for all the tips on how to clean, secure, and pack your fridge for moving.

1. Gather cleaning and moving supplies that will allow you to pack your fridge

Before you start to pack your fridge for the move, you should first gather the proper materials. The right equipment should help you prepare your appliance for moving. Make sure you get the following:

  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Trash Bags/Can
  • Moving Blankets
  • Tape Measure
  • A Dolly
  • Straps
  • Moving Truck

2. Empty the fridge

Now it’s time to start slowing emptying your refrigerator and freezer. Dispose of perishables you won’t be able to eat before movers Howard County MD arrive. If you have canned foods or something that wasn’t opened, but it’s still good, donate it.

Large stainless steel French doors fridge
Disconnect your fridge and put towels on the floor to soak up the water that might drip from melting ice. Then, empty it of all its contents and start cleaning your large appliance while waiting for the freezer to defrost.

3. Switch off and disconnect the appliance 24h before the move

Before you can pack your fridge for relocation, you need to give the evaporator enough time to defrost. Otherwise, you risk damaging your cooling kitchen equipment during transit. When you disconnect your fridge 24h before the move, you give the oils and fluids in the motor enough time to settle and stop circulating through the compressor. If your fridge has an automatic icemaker, you should to disconnect the water hose and remove all ice from the compartment. You must do this to prevent leaks, spills that would damage your other furniture on the moving truck.

After it completely defrosts, you can thoroughly clean and dry all shelves and other surfaces. Leave the doors open for as long as you can to help any remaining moisture evaporate. This will prevent mold and mildew from growing because as soon as you turn the fridge off it starts to warm up. So put that elbow grease to work if you want to pack your fridge like a pro.

4. Now you can proceed to pack your fridge by removing interior glass shelves

In order to pack your fridge with optimum safety, you should minimize the risk of any damage. Believe it or not, forgetting to remove the glass shelves from the fridge are a common mistake that people make. After you clean and disinfect all the shelves, wrap them individually in packing paper or bubble wrap. You should also move them separately. People who have left the shelving in the fridge have caused the glass to bounce around and shatter. If you make the same mistake, you will have to remove all the glass from your fridge which is a painstaking process. Not to mention, the pain of increasing your moving bill for a new set of shelves.

Girl looking into her fridge
Move the refrigerator onto your moving trolly and ensured it is secured in its place with moving straps. Double-check that the doors are taped shut and slide the appliance onto the dolly. Making sure you remove any shelves and containers (if you haven’t already) will lighten the weight of the fridge.

5. Secure your refrigerator for moving

After you’ve made sure there isn’t any residual water inside the fridge and removed parts made of glass dry, wrap and pack each part separately for moving. You can easily wrap glass drawers and shelves with moving blankets, towels, or bubble wrap. Or anything that you would have lying around the house. You can clean it after the move. After doing these steps, close the door shut with a rope or a strap. That way the door won’t open during trucking or on the dolly and the fridge will stay intact. This way you ensure the safety of your large kitchen appliance.

6. Get a helping hand

To prevent a very possible injury to your back, or any part of your body, for that matter, enlist at least 3 more people to help you move the 300 pounds heavy appliance. Put on some sneakers and old clothes and pull up your sleeves. First of all, knowing how not to scratch the floor when relocating a fridge is a key aspect of any big object move. You shouldn’t shuffle it across the ground because its sharp corners will certainly damage the floor. Instead, try rocking the fridge backward and sliding a large piece of cardboard underneath it. Then rock the fridge the opposite way and put another sheet under the other side of the fridge. Voila! A perfect protective mat for your floor and you are ready to pack your fridge onto the moving truck.

The best way to get your fridge to the moving truck is to slide a moving dolly underneath it. Then strap it in to secure it. You need at least two more people for this job. One person will rock the trolley back and the other will push the fridge onto the trolley.

Pack your fridge
After moving the fridge onto the truck, cover it with blankets to prevent any damage and place so that it will not tip over.

Do you still want to hire professionals to pack your fridge and move it to your new home?

Even if you are moving very close by and want to do as much as you can yourself, you should consider hiring a moving company for your large appliances. At All State Moving, we have an experienced team of movers that can get your heavy furniture quickly on the road. Get an estimate done as soon as today and get started on that packing!

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