How to pack your kitchen in one day

Concerning the amount and the type of stuff you need to organize and pack, the kitchen is one of the hardest rooms to prepare for the move. It takes several days to sort everything out, protect fragile items properly, and pack them into boxes. But, what happens when several days to finish all this is a luxury you can’t afford? What if you need to pack your kitchen in one day?

Well, the mission is possible to complete, but prepare well. The day is going to be very long. Here are some hints you might find helpful.

A good plan and careful organization are necessary to pack your kitchen in one day

When organizing your move, there is a vast number of to-do things on your moving checklist. With professionals among local movers Baltimore, a successful move is much easier to achieve. However, completing a few DIY tasks is unavoidable. Luckily, DIY here doesn’t mean doing all the work on your own but yet organizing some tasks without the help of professionals. What is a proper plan when you have to pack your kitchen in just one day?

Organize well to pack your kitchen in one day
A good plan is necessary to pack your kitchen in one day.

Prepare the necessary packing supplies the day before

This will significantly save your time so that you can start packing at the crack of dawn. Here is what you need:

  • Cardboard boxes of various sizes
  • Cell-packs or cardboard separators to pack fragile items like cups or glasses properly
  • A lot of tapes
  • Packing chips, bubble wrap, and packing paper to protect breakable items
  • Permanent markers in different colors for labeling boxes
  • Scissors

Also, remember one important rule. Always prepare more packing supplies than you think you’ll need. If some of them remain unused, they can still be helpful when packing other rooms for the move.

Provide enough of helping hands to be able to pack your kitchen in one day

You will definitely need the help of people you can trust and rely on when involved in this endeavor. Although you are the only person who can give instructions on what goes to the new address and what is unnecessary, having people around will significantly save your time and effort. Assign each helper a task and you will soon see the results. Also, if you are moving with children, babysitting is a task for these people worth considering.

To pack your kitchen in one day you will need reliable helpers.
You will definitely need the help of people you can trust and rely on when involved in this endeavor.

To pack your kitchen in one day – pack fast

To meet this challenge, you have to be very efficient and make decisions instantly. Understandably, those who think this is too overwhelming always choose to hire movers when facing the dilemma of DIY move vs hiring movers. However, if you don’t want to give up so easily, here are some tips on what you should do.

Pack your essentials box first

It should contain the items you will need at your new home for the first few days. Items to include into the essentials box are a few dishes, bowls, one set of cutlery for each family member, some food items, a dishtowel, a dishcloth, a cleaner, a sponge, some necessary appliances like a toaster or coffee maker, for example. Separate these items, pack them properly into a box and get the box out of your way. You should label it as “unpack first” if you load it onto a moving truck or simply keep it with you in your car.

Pack, donate or throw away – time to decide

When you have packed an essentials box, the time has come for you to deal with other kitchen items. Before you start emptying your cupboards and drawers, prepare the necessary boxes. To start with, you will need at least three of them. One to pack items that go with you, one for the items you can donate and one for the items to throw away. Some of your helpers should be in charge of these “to donate” and “throw away” boxes and take them off your way as soon as possible.

Packing techniques to apply when you need to pack your kitchen in one day

You don’t need much experience to realize that you have to use different packing techniques for different kitchen items. Unfortunately, a lot of these items are breakable, so not packing them properly can cause serious damage. Consequently, you have to study fragile items packing tips carefully and also learn how to pack efficiently.

General kitchen packing tips

There are some tried and trusted methods you can use when packing your kitchen. Pay attention to the following:

Make instant decisions to save time when packing your kitchen.
There are some tried and trusted methods you can use when packing your kitchen.
  • Always reinforce the bottoms of your moving boxes. Using a lot of tape for this is an acceptable method. All you need to do is use several large strips of tape and place them at different angles. However, this doesn’t mean that now you can stop worrying about overloading your boxes. Just the opposite, this has to be on your mind at all times until the packing is over.
  • Don’t leave empty space in any of the boxes. Packing tight is a must if you want to secure your items to the maximal extent. Besides, achieving this isn’t much of a problem. Use wrapping paper, kitchen towels, bubble wrap, blankets, etc.
  • Labeling boxes is compulsory. Write “fragile” clearly on all of these boxes on each side, since they need to be dealt with carefully when loading, unloading and unpacking too.

How to pack cutlery?

Since you need time to sort out cutlery, and time is what you don’t have, deal with this task smartly. The ideal solution is to pack cutlery in the original chest if you have it. Otherwise, you will have to make bundles secured with elastic bands. Then, wrap them into wrapping paper and finally pack into a box.

How to pack flatware?

To avoid damaging or breaking your flatware, pack flatware items vertically into a moving box. Also, you can separate them with packing paper or a bubble wrap and thus secure them even better.

How to pack pots, pans, and ovenware?

When packing pots, pans and ovenware, put smaller items into bigger ones if they fit well and put some packing paper between them. You can tape their lids on, and thus unable those to move during the transport, or, even better, lids can be packed in a separate box. It’s all up to your preferences and the time you have.

How to pack large appliances?

Large appliances are the trickiest part when you have to pack your kitchen. It is advisable to leave this to professionals since they can deal with the task easily. Also, don’t be surprised if some of these items can’t fit your new living space. Even if that is the case, it isn’t the end of the world. The perfect solution is to consider storage Baltimore options and the problem solved.

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