How to pack your tool shed

Organizing a long-distance moving process is really difficult when you consider all the things you need to do. There are so many parts of the process you cannot even start to comprehend until you start doing it. When you start packing your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and every other room in your house, it may seem hard, but just wait for the grand challenge. And that is your tool shed or workshop.There is a plethora of strangely shaped objects and tools that you just have no idea how to pack. That is why we are here. To properly tell you how to pack your tool shed with the advice we have gathered from the experts in the field. So without any further ado, let’s see how to properly pack your tool shed!

Pack your tool shed the right waY!
Properly pack your tool shed!

Pack your tool shed

When it comes to packing your tool shed, you may need to sit down and try to settle your heartbeat. It will not be an easy endeavor. However, we will try to make it a bit easier with these tips and tricks. Let’s go!

Sort out your tools first

The first step you have to take when packing your tool shed for a move is sorting out your tools. You need to decide which tools are worthy to be taken with you in your new life and which are not. There is absolutely no need to keep a tool that will only sit in your new tool shed or storage Virginia and collect dust. You have to show no mercy when deciding which tools to take and which to leave. Same as the moving estimate based on weight will have no mercy for you if you overpack useless things.

The best way to do this is by creating an inventory. If you have an inventory, you will be able to keep track of every single item you want or do not want to move. You also need to make sure to label everything in your inventory and divide what you want to throw away and what you want to keep.

Pack your power tools first when you pack your tool shed

After you sorted out your tools, it is time to get packing. The first ones on the list are the power tools. Power tools come in very good and secure packaging and it is wise to keep it for transportation needs. If you threw the box away (shame on you!) then you need to find good quality moving boxes. Remember to always get a variety of sizes to ensure everything will fit somewhere!

Getting the correct boxes

Also, make sure to get different sized boxes. In addition to the idea that you can use those boxes to fit your power tools perfectly (along with the packing material meant to secure it such as foam nuggets, air-filled packing wrap…) you will be helping your movers fill up their truck more easily. The idea with different sized boxes is based on proper stacking within the moving truck. Your local Virginia movers will probably use the “Tetris” technique for stacking boxes inside the trucks. This means that they will put bigger and heavier boxes on the bottom, and the smaller and lighter ones on top. They will also be able to fill in the gaps with smaller boxes, therefore fully utilizing all the space in the moving truck. 

power tools
You need to get boxes of a correct size

Disassembling the tools

You also need to disassemble the tools as much as possible. If you cannot do that, at least take the batteries out and put them in a zip lock bag. Wrap the power cord around the tool and then wrap the whole tool in a moving blanket. If there are any fragile parts on the power tool you can also use an air-filled wrap to secure it. When it comes to bigger and bulkier power tools such as table saws, it is not wise to do the packing and moving yourself. The smart thing to do is get packing service and let the professionals do their job. They will disassemble the tools as much as possible, and pack each piece separately. It is better to pay the pros than to risk getting injured.

table saw
When it comes to larger power tools, you better enlist help.

Pack hand tools next

When it comes to packing hand tools, things are much easier. You just have to get a toolbox big enough to store everything inside. If you are still worried about the state of the tools inside the toolbox due to all the bumping during transit, you should divide them by type and then wrap them in plastic or air-filled wrap. In an event that you do not have a toolbox, go to your local hardware store and get one.

If you do not want to spend money on a toolbox, then you should get appropriately sized moving boxes. Do the same thing as you would with the toolbox. Take all the tools of the same type and wrap them together and put them inside the box. You can fill the box with foam peanuts for added protection against bumps. You can also use moving blankets to pack larger quantities of tools. However, you should be careful not to exceed the weight limit of the box. You do not want your box to break while in transit and cause damage to your precious tools.

You will also pack garden tools as you pack your tool shed

When it comes to packing garden tools, the first thing you should do is clean them up. You do not want any dirt or mud stuck in your tools. This can cause damage during your long-distance move and it is highly recommended that you clean your tools first before packing them. Take similar tools which can be wrapped in a moving blanket and then secure it with tape. To safely pack sharp tools you will need even more moving blankets so you can cover the blade first, and then the handle.

That should about cover everything considering how to pack your tool shed. With all that said, good luck with your move!

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