How to pest-proof your storage unit in Baltimore

Year by year, storing your items becomes more and more popular. Whether you are moving to another Baltimore home, or just need additional space, renting storage is the best option for keeping your items safe. However, there is one thing that worries all storage customers – pests. Unluckily, storage units full of upholstery and cardboard are the perfect home for pests and rodents. Although many storage facilities have agreements with pest companies, storages remain vulnerable to pest infestations. Still, the last thing you want is to find your possessions damaged in your storage unit. And pests could ruin almost your entire possession while placed in the storage. So, before you rent a Baltimore storage unit you should learn about ways to pest-proof your storage unit in Baltimore. With our help, you will skip the steps that would attract pests to your storage. Stay with us and keep pests under control!

Ways to pest-proof your storage unit in Baltimore

One of the most important things when renting storage is to opt for a clean one. Luckily, our moving and storage Baltimore company offers well-maintained and clean storage units. When you opt for our storage solutions you will feel safe while you visit our storage facility. Renting our storage units will help protect your belongings from pests, dust, and extreme weather. However, it is important what you store inside your storage unit. And this is crucial not only for cleanliness for your unit but also for the entire facility.

Woman wrapping clean furniture to pest-proof your storage unit in Baltimore
Clean and protect your furniture to pest-proof your storage unit in Baltimore.

One of the prevent ways to pest-poof your storage unit in Baltimore is to be careful when deciding what you will bring in it. As you may assume, food and other prohibited items tend to attract pests and mice. And once pests get to storage they will nibble holes in your stored things such as furniture and clothing.  To help you prevent this from happening, our local movers MD will remind you of ways to keep pests out of your storage unit in Baltimore. So, keep following our advice and your storage unit will remain a safe place.

Do not store food inside your storage unit

Want to keep pests from entering your storage unit? Then keep the food away from your storage. Even if you accidentally leave the food while moving into your storage unit in Baltimore, mice and rodents will take notice. So, before you pack your items for storage, take the advice from our residential movers MD and look for food in places where you may not have intended to leave it. This is especially important when it comes to furniture cushions and kitchen storage containers.

A man and woman packing boxes
Skip packing food for keeping in storage.

Other ways to prevent pests in your storage

There are many simple ways to prevent damaging your items by pests and rodents while you keep them in one of the storage units in the state of Maryland. So, take time and write down some of them:

  • raise stored items to deter pests from entering your boxes;
  • use cotton balls soaked in peppermint or lavender oil;
  • cover matters and furniture;
  • don’t store candles, potpourri, laundry detergent in your storage because scents could attract pests.

It is crucial what is inside your storage unit, so keep that in mind before you place anything in storage. Even if you rent well-maintained storage, make sure to be responsible when packing your possession for storage. Hope our tips will help you pest-proof your storage unit in Baltimore and keep your belonging safe!