How to plan and organize last-minute moves?

Anything not planned on time can easily go wrong. Very serious life situations should be planned in advance and in detail. But what can we do when we don’t have enough time to plan everything? When we find ourselves in a complicated situation, like that we have to plan and organize last-minute moves, we usually feel so stressed that sometimes we can’t think and act as we should. Last-minute moving can be a real nightmare, and people usually in a rush forget about lot important things. But, it’s not the end of the world if you need to plan last-minute relocation! Even if you have only a couple of days or just one day, you can still organize it well! So, before you start panicking and acting like there is no time for moving, take a few minutes to explore the ways you can plan that „horrible“ day! 

plan and organize last-minute moves
If you need to plan and organize last-minute moves, make sure you create a last-minute-to-do list!

Make a last-minute-to-do list

Bad news for sleepyheads! To make everything right, you will need to get up early! We know that people usually hate getting up early but you will survive if you sleep less for one day. You may have heard of the phrase „Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it“! And we are sure it’s true. Because when you need to plan and organize last-minute moves, every minute is important and valuable. Simply, you don’t have much time to go around and think deeply about what you should do. So, the first thing when it’s about organizing is to create a last-minute-to-do list.  When it comes to moving hiatus be sure to seek some unpacking tips as well. You can walk around your house and write down the things you need to do. Write tasks, for example: to pack, to throw away, to carry, call movers, check electricity, etc. 

clock on the wall
When it comes to last-minute moves, it is all about being efficient!

Plan and organize last-minute moves: Create your team!

Last-minute team? Why not possible? You will plan and organize last-minute moves the best if you create a good team. Who can join your team? Anyone! You can ask your friends, family members or neighbors for help. There’s nothing wrong with that. Tell them that you don’t have much time and you would appreciate if they’d be willing to help you. One pair of hands can be a lot, but imagine what could be done with 7 pairs of hands or more? Prior to helping arriving make sure to prepare moving supplies. Almost everything is possible if we help each other. And to make the atmosphere more relaxed, you can order a pizza or buy a couple of drinks, play some music and enjoy packing with your team! 

woman with a box in hand
If you already have to pack in a hurry, make sure you use different boxes and packing materials.

Get rid of unnecessary things

We are sure you would like to move every single item from your house, but let’s be real – it’s not possible. And you don’t need anything. When it comes to last-minute moving, first of all, you need to take care of the most important things from your house. To ease your packing, you can use a piece of paper and write down important things, and things to get rid of. Write down the thing you need the most, and the rest you can recycle, throw away or maybe even sell online! Simply, when we are moving to a new house, we will definitely buy a lot of new things. For example, you are not going to relocate your 10-year old couch. Get rid of unnecessary things and you will have less to pack, and more time for sure. Long distance movers Virginia will ease your last-minute relocation, make sure you see their deals and moving insurances, and relocate stressfully. 

Pack things room by room

We understand that you don’t have much time for packing everything slowly and in order, but trust us, if you pack things room by room, there is less chance you will lose or forget something. Don’t just go around and fill boxes with various things. It’s going to be a real mess. When you have to plan and organize last-minute moves, take some time to write down the most important stuff from every corner of your house. For example, you can write down columns – kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc.  Moreover, since you are undertaking this last-minute move, you are sure t to need a Post-moving checklist as well. Then bellow writes the most important items you are going to relocate from each room. So, tomorrow when it comes to packing, you can go from room to room, look at the list and pack things easily. Smart, isn’t it? 

plan and organize last-minute moves with a professional reliable movers company
Hiring a reliable professional moving company is highly recommended when it comes to planning a last-minute move.

Use all kinds of boxes and packing materials you can

Not enough time to buy fancy boxes and bubble wraps? Who cares! There are still nice packing materials from your house that you may even not know. When you’re about to plan and organize last-minute moves, packing materials become an important part of that plan. For example. We keep our clothes on hangers. Imagine how much time would it take to take off all clothes from hangers and packing it nicely in bags? Forget about it. Pack your clothes as they are. You can leave clothes on hangers. You’re a lack on boxes? Ask your neighbors or local stores for free boxes, don’t waste your money. No time for bubble wraps and special boxes? You can use old socks, towels, clothes, newspapers or magazines for extra protection! Also, trash bags are gold! You can put everything in them!

Don’t plan and organize last-minute moves without hiring a professional moving company

DIY last-minute moving? Hardly. Moving experts highly recommend hiring a professional last-minute moving company. Yes, it can be costly, but let’s be honest, sometimes we don’t have another choice. So, if you want to relocate stress-free and be sure that your belongings will relocate safe, you should hire movers. Search for the best local movers online and see their deals. Check amazing Storage units Virginia, if you need a place to keep your belongings and safely relocate them to your new place.