How to prepare your home for renters

Are you waiting for renters to move in? Or maybe just trying to spruce up your home to attract renters? Then this article can help you with how to prepare your home for renters. Before you start with looking through possible renters you should look around your own property. Renting is a big part of the moving and storage industry and there are millions of people in the US that are renting out their property for different reasons. For instance, somebody might be moving to a bigger home. On the other hand, someone is trying to make an income by renting out their house. Either way, by making your home more appealing you will attract more renters and probably make more money.

How to clean your home for renters

It’s needless to say that a beautiful home attracts more renters. In addition, a tidy place will be easier to move into not only for the tenants but also for the movers. However professional the movers are they will unpack your tenant’s items more easily if they see a polished home. And if you are in the Baltimore area you can look up moving services Baltimore to get the most reputable moving service which will also greatly appreciate moving stuff in a clean house. First off try to detect what areas need to be cleaned. Old moldy carpets, dirty windows, and a greasy kitchen sink will scare any reasonable tenant. If you must, hire professional cleaners to make your home shine as this will give more value to your property and will make it easier for you even when the renters move out.

Lady cleaning her house for renters
Clean your house as best as you can for the new tenants

How to upgrade your home for renters

Prepare your home for renters as you would prepare it for yourself. Also, have in mind who you rent to. Different people have different needs. A family of five may prioritize a security system, while a student would want more space for their stuff.  In any case, a couple of functional upgrades can bump up the price of your rental. From fixing the lighting in rooms that don’t get enough natural light to changing old carpets in your living room, there are many moving tips that can apply when you are preparing your home for renters. Also, try to make changes outside of the house. Mow the lawn and cut out the weed as potential renters will feel more comfortable if they see that a house is tidied up from the outside.

Take photos of your home

Any rental manager will tell you to take photos of your home before you let anyone move in. It will serve as a type of insurance for you. You never know who you are letting live in your property for months so it’s a good idea to take the camera and take pictures of your house. If any disputes arise when your tenants move out it will be easier to resolve with photos as proof. Also, in our modern society, everything sells better if it looks pretty. So when you decorate and upgrade your home take some pictures and let potential tenants see what they can expect. This is a great way to be transparent which will attract more renters and bump up your rent.

photo camera
Take pictures of your home to be safe

Decorate your home

Maybe it’s time to change some things around the house. New people are moving in so maybe they won’t appreciate your style. You can start with the walls if you don’t want to paint them over you could just put some wallpapers over them. Try to make them a bit colorful and not bland as just regular white walls. If you have old windows try to make them more beautiful with some flowers that could stand out. You could put some cardboard cutouts on your closets to make them more unique and pretty. Put vases of some flowers outside of your door. Even the movers will appreciate a beautiful house more, as they will probably be more careful to not damage all of the work you’ve done. Ask some professional movers Ellicott City MD if you don’t believe us. Making your house stand out is worth it!

Halloween decorations
Decorate your walls to look nice

Small check-ups

When you prepare your home for renters you don’t know who the potential renters are. If you can, screen your tenants and make interviews and if you can’t do it personally, hire a manager to do it for you. Your home is something people work for their whole life and you don’t want it ruined by someone you trusted. If it’s available, get landlord insurance as it will be a good safeguard from a dire situation like that of your house being inhabitable. Also, this is a perfect time to do other types of check-ups. One of them is doing pest control to be sure your place is safe from rats and other animals. If your home has them it can be an ugly surprise for your tenants and can ruin your property’s future value for renting, but also damaging your home itself making it unhabitable.

Whatever you decide to do for your new tenants be sure to be creative and do everything as you would like to be done for you if you were moving in. Let’s hope some of these tips helped you with creating a better to live for your new tenants. Look at how to prepare your home for renters as a way to express yourself. There is a renting crisis after the virus breakout but don’t worry a responsible landlord will always have tenants. No amount of advice will help you more than you unleashing some of your creativity in your house. So enjoy preparing your house for renters and happy renting!