How to prepare your piano for storage?

Due to their fragility, you must thoroughly prepare pianos for storage. Moreover, you must store them in long-term storage according to specific regulations. Professional movers Baltimore has to offer will share with you some advice on how to reduce the chance that your piano will sustain damage during this process and how to prepare your piano for storage.

Choose a climate-controlled storage unit

Humidity can seriously harm your piano. We cannot overstate the necessity of selecting a climate-controlled storage unit because pianos are extremely sensitive to variations in temperature and humidity. Manufacturers of pianos advise keeping your instrument in a climate-controlled space with a humidity level that doesn’t go above 42%.

clean piano keys after you prepare your piano for storage
You need a climate-controlled storage unit for your precious instrument.

Use the correct packing and storage materials to prepare your piano for storage

Because pianos are expensive pieces of equipment, you should utilize premium packaging and storage supplies. Avoid covering your piano in plastic since moisture might accumulate and inevitably result in damage. Materials suitable for packaging and storing include:

  1. To reduce the possibility of dents and scratches during storage as well as transit, use sturdy moving blankets and protective plastic wrap.
  2. Use strong packing tape or ropes to firmly fasten your moving blankets around your piano.

When you opt for Baltimore moving services you don’t have to think about this, professionals will take care of the packing process.

Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions

When you clean your piano before putting it in storage, the likelihood that it will be in excellent condition when you get it out of storage increases. Keep in mind to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations for appropriate cleaning and polishing. Before packing and storing your piano, you must first make sure that it is completely clear of dust.

Cover the keys

Protecting your piano keys can be done using a dust protector or a white, soft, lint-free cloth. Choose the one that is the right size for your piano.

Hire reputable piano movers

On your own, moving your piano to a storage facility can be difficult. You need to move something that big and heavy with competence and a moving crew. Additionally, there are very specific methods you should use to lift and move the instrument to avoid breaking it.

When it comes to moving your instrument to storage, it’s best to leave it to the experts

The piano will be handled by professional piano movers in Baltimore County, who will also take off the legs and pedals and properly cover the piano in fabric and plastic shrink wrap. To ensure that all of those protective layers remain in place, they will strap them all on. After that, they will use a dolly to move the instrument into a moving truck.

Get insurance for your piano

There is always a danger that incidents can occur when moving and storing your piano. Anything from the storage space’s climate control not working to mishandling during relocation that causes the instrument to be dropped. You need to obtain piano insurance for this reason. Make sure the company you pick has insurance protection plans for your priceless instrument before you relocate it to storage.

piano keys
Once you clean your piano to prepare your piano for storage make sure to get insurance for your instrument.

Periodically check the condition of your piano

One of the best piano storage advice is to frequently visit your Baltimore storage unit to check on the state of your instrument given how delicate pianos are.

In conclusion

You’ll understand how to prepare your piano for storage if you follow this step-by-step guide. You will see that if you take good care of your piano, it will last you for years.



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