How to prepare your vinyl records for storage

Any album collector understands how crucial it is to prepare your vinyl records for storage. Many people view their vinyl record collections as sentimental items and priceless long-term investments. Your albums will last for years to come in immaculate shape when kept in proper vinyl record storage provided by the best local mover Washington DC and packed using the right materials.

Prepare your vinyl records for storage by carefully cleaning them

You must make sure your vinyl records are clean before you store them. You should clean them by rubbing a soft, lint-free cloth over them in a circular motion after dipping it in distilled water. By doing this, you will clean the record’s surface of dust. If you have a sizable collection, you might want to consider purchasing a vacuum cleaner made especially for cleaning vintage recordings.

vinyl album
Cleaning is essential if you want to properly prepare your vinyl records for storage

Wrap them up in the appropriate sleeves and covers

You must make sure your records are properly wrapped before you pack them. Then pack the records in paper sleeves and outer covers that prevent warping and scratches. If you don’t have enough paper sleeves for your collection, you should be able to purchase extra at your neighborhood record shop. These sleeves are available from a few vendors of storage materials. To go the extra mile, you can also buy some plastic sleeves that are thicker to shield the paper sleeve.

Choose appropriate containers

Storing albums in cardboard boxes or plastic tubs is one of the most crucial pieces of advice for vinyl record storage in storage Washington DC. Choose plastic containers if you live in a humid environment. Cardboard boxes with all seams and openings shut will work in drier regions of the country. You should pick a container with squared edges to prevent cupping.

After you prepare your vinyl records for storage, stack them vertically

Vinyl records are frequently harmed by being stored horizontally. In their containers, all records should be securely stored upright. Keep the records loose enough to extract a single album with ease while making adjustments to fix any slanting or tilting.

vertically stacked vinyl records
Make sure to stack your precious records vertically

Keep them in a storage with climate control

You should store your vinyl albums in a location that maintains a constant temperature all year long, whether that’s in your home or a rented climate-controlled Baltimore storage unit. If you reside in an area where there are substantial seasonal climate changes, investing in a climate-controlled storage option for your records offers the best possible protection for your priceless collection.

Prepare your vinyl records for storage by wrapping them

Vinyl records are adversely affected by both heat and cold. You should cover these containers with blankets if you’re storing your collection somewhere without climate control technologies. During the colder months, your records require warm comforters. Although it seems absurd, protecting your records will assure their secure keeping for a long time.

Place the records on appropriate shelving

You must keep the boxes containing your records on metal shelving. Because wood shelving may collect moisture, which may then harm your records, metal shelving is crucial. Additionally, metal won’t swell or shrink no matter how the temperature in the storage space changes. Your records will therefore be kept on a safer shelf as a result. You can use plastic pellets in place of metal shelving if necessary.

Stack carefully

Albums are very heavy, as any record collector would attest. When placed on top of another box, a box full of records puts quite a bit of pressure on that box. When preparing your vinyl records for storage, never stack more than four boxes high.

In conclusion

You need to handle vinyl records with care because of their intricate grooves. This means they need to be dusted and cleaned frequently, as well as carefully preserved. Records should also be respected because they are naturally brittle. Follow our guide to prepare your vinyl records for storage and rely on All State Moving and Storage Maryland for superb storage space. Then you can keep playing your favorite music for years to come.