How to prevent theft on moving day

Moving is a process that requires a lot of your time and attention. However, when you get so mentally involved in something you do, it might happen that you lose track of smaller, but no less important things. And what’s more important than your belongings? For that reason, hiring a moving company Baltimore is a good idea, as it can make the job easier and safer. There are many ways you might be a victim of theft when moving day arrives. Here are just some ways to prevent theft on moving day and keep your items safe.

Choose a respectable moving company

When you’re preparing for a move it’s extremely important to have a quality and reputable moving company on the job. The best way to assure that is to get to know your movers. Above all, that’s doable by asking around and reading reviews. There’s nothing more helpful than doing some research on moving companies. Our residential movers will never deliberately hide any license or registration number from you. Even more, they will proudly present you with all the credentials you need. Unfortunately, there are many illegitimate companies that want to scam you. For that reason, stay on the alert and watch out for any potential warning signals.

Mover in front of his truck
Having reputable movers on the job will make it easier to prevent theft on moving day

Make an inventory to prevent theft on moving day

Keeping an inventory when you’re moving will make your move easier in general. On top of that, you’ll also know if any form of theft occurred on moving day. In case that anything is missing, you’ll be able to know exactly what it is if you made an inventory. To prevent theft, the best thing you can do is to hire movers in Laurel MD as they are highly professional and will take care of your items. Of course, to make the process of moving quicker and safer you’ll need to follow some rules on packing efficiently. So be sure to tightly seal your moving boxes and label them accordingly. Only by doing everything diligently can you be sure that everything goes well on moving day.

Bring valuables with you

On moving day, keep your important documents and valuable items with you. It’s safer for them to stay with you than for them to be in a moving truck. Above all, for some luxurious items like some type of jewelry the standard moving insurance won’t be enough. A moving truck is very safe for transport, but there’s something special about knowing where your important items are when moving them in your car. You maybe won’t be as efficient as most packing services, but you’ll have the peace of knowing everything valuable is with you. Here are just some items we recommend you take with you when moving:

  • Jewelry
  • Personal documents
  • Documents that contain sensitive information
Jewelry is definitely on the list when it comes to items you want to take with you when it’s time to move

Have a security system installed

Having a security system will be a great way to prevent theft on moving day. It will work as a deterrent to people when they see cameras and actively stop people from taking your belongings. However, you might ask yourself if a security system in the old home is worth it when you’re in the process of moving to a new home?  The truth is many companies will allow you to transfer your system to the new house so there’s nothing to worry about. The best way to know for sure is to notify your security system provider and inform them about your move. And who knows, maybe they will get you a discount for moving it.

Lock your doors to prevent theft on moving day

Moving day will attract many people to your home. Unfortunately, not everyone will be around your house with good intentions in mind. For that reason, it’s very important to keep your doors locked on moving day, or at least most of them. By doing that you’ll lose the flexibility, but will gain on safety. Talk with your movers and ask them what parts of the house will they need the most and keep only those parts of it open. The movers won’t probably use every door in the house so by locking some of them you’ll stop potential thieves from entering your house and stealing your belongings.

Key inside a door
Locking doors you don’t use on moving day will make it more difficult for thieves

Be around on moving day

One of the things you can do to make sure the move goes safely is to stick around on moving day. You might impede the movers, but you’ll keep an eye on them if you don’t have confidence in them. Of course, the best way to have reputable movers that you can trust is to look them up on Better Business Bureau or similar reviewing sites for businesses. After that. you just need to leave movers space and everything will be done in no time. Another pro of you being in the house is that you’ll serve as a shield for your home. No thieves will dare enter the home when they see that the owner is present.

When moving day arrives things can get hectic. Your items will be all over the place and constantly on the move. Unfortunately, that leaves a lot of time and space for thieves to get hold of some of your belongings. Sadly, those types of situations can arise. It’s not often that they happen, but it occurs from time to time. We hope that our advice will help you prevent theft on moving day. Remember that the more prepared you are, the less are the chances of problems like this getting in way of your move.