How to properly pack designer clothes and shoes when moving

Damage to your belongings during the move is something you want to avoid.  For this reason, you need to pay special attention while you pack designer clothes and shoes when moving. These things are not easy to replace or return. From packing to moving – every step has to be done carefully. We at Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland specialize in various moving services. We also know how moving can be stressful, and make sure to treat your belongings with absolute care. However, if you’ve already decided to pack your designer items by yourself, check our guide!

luxury shoes and bag
Make sure to properly pack designer clothes and shoes when moving.

Designer items are worth your money

Branded clothes and shoes have become more than a fashion statement. Nowadays, they represent a good investment. That is why many collectors intentionally buy limited edition shoes and clothes. They are aware that the value would skyrocket over the years, and selling the items at auction is something they aspire to do. Therefore, it’s wise to keep the shoes you’ve worn maybe only once in good condition. They’ll still hold a good market value. Therefore, if you decide not to keep them anymore, you can always sell them at a solid price.

woman choosing the shoes
Designer clothes and shoes can be a good investment.

On the other hand, you may have an important event at least once a year. Maybe you like to treat yourself to going to a good show or opera. As you know, such and similar events require a specific dress code. You will be glad to have a dress or shirt for such special occasions. All in all, remember it’s your money that you invested into these designer items. Therefore, appreciate and enjoy your purchase.

Take some time to carefully pack and secure your branded clothes and shoes

There’s no need to rush with packing. Branded clothing and footwear require special attention. It is not so easy to pack, for example, a luxury dress or shoes. It has to be done carefully so that your belongings survive the move and storage.

  • Make sure your designer clothes are clean. Then separate them from other clothing pieces. If they are already on a hanger, leave them that way. Moreover, you can buy affordable wooden or padded hangers for the rest of your branded clothes. In addition, garment bags for luxury dresses and suits adds extra protection. After you secure your designer clothes, put them in a wardrobe box. Don’t forget to add mothballs or lavender sachets to protect clothing items from moths.
  • Separate your designer shoes from sneakers, boots, sandals, and the like. Stuff your designer shoes with some paper or clean fabrics for the shoes to retain their shape during the move. Use original shoe boxes for packing. On the other hand, you can use containers. Add sponges and bubble wraps for extra padding, then put your shoes in a container. Put styrofoam or a piece of clean fabric on top, then close and secure the container.

An experienced team of movers will handle your designer clothes and shoes throughout the entire moving process

Transportation of sensitive, easily breakable, and designer items is a big responsibility. In that case, it is advisable to hire a moving company that can perform the task effectively. The relocation team should be responsible, well-trained, and careful with your belongings as if they were theirs. However, make sure to let them know to be careful with your designer items.

labeled moving box
Good movers will help you pack your designer items with care.

When hiring a moving company, pay attention to the following:

  • The company offers insurance that should cover liability claims for damages to the goods you are transporting.
  • The company is licensed, therefore legitimate.
  • The staff is professional, punctual, and precise.
  • The company offers packing supplies and packing services.
  • They know how to properly pack and transport everything.
  • The company crew don’t just toss away the boxes but are instead careful with each of them.
  • Their moving services Baltimore have a lot of recommendations.

Avoid moving companies that don’t appear to be trustworthy

Moving is still a big responsibility that you cannot entrust to just anyone. This is especially true when it comes to your branded clothes and shoes. In order to recognize and avoid moving scams , pay attention to the following:

  • Is it possible to find all information about the company online? It is very important that the company is registered and has valid reviews.
  • Does the company have a success rate when it comes to packing, storage, and relocation? If the answer is yes, then you can be sure their team will properly pack designer clothes and shoes when moving with extra care.
  • Do they have a transparent official website? There you should learn about their services, brief history, and reviews.
  • Do they offer a free estimate? Scam companies usually don’t offer this. Instead, they sneak hidden fees that get you by surprise.
  • Is their crew known for their professional demeanor? Careless, and rude movers won’t care much about you and your belongings. Additional stress is last what you need.

Put your designer clothes and shoes in a storage unit if you move long distance

During a long relocation, designed items easily get damaged. To pack designer clothes and shoes when moving is just one step to complete. You should ensure your designer belongings are well-preserved. Instead of keeping clothes and shoes in a room or basement, simply contact long distance movers Baltimore has on offer. The best of them will provide you with quality service that also includes self-storage. The storage industry has evolved over the years and adapted to clients’ needs. Nowadays storage units are spacious and well-maintained.

Nevertheless, you should do your own research and find the best storage solution at an affordable price. Keep in mind that storage has to be climate-controlled, so the temperature of space can be managed. This will keep your branded items in one piece. Moreover, see for yourself if that storage is clean, and if the staff is responsible and dedicated. Most importantly, make sure you have all-day access to your belongings.

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