How to properly store a mattress

As a moving company, we often talk about the stressful tasks people face when relocating. However, sleeping is a good counterbalance to it. That’s why you need to take care of every part of the bed, as it is the tool that will help you sleep. We at Allstate Moving and Storage have decided that we’ll help you out. Here are a couple of tips you should know before you decide to store a mattress in a storage unit. From keeping it clean to storing it safely, here are the things you should always look out for.

Clean before you store a mattress

One of the first mistakes people make when storing a mattress is to not clean it. However, even if it doesn’t seem like it might be such a big mistake putting a dirty mattress into storage might damage it beyond repair. Our staff from moving services Baltimore can attest that by cleaning your mattress you’ll protect it from more than just the smell. In the worst of cases you won’t only have a smelly and dirty mattress out of the storage, but also fungus and mold on it. That’s definitely not a pretty or fun thing to have in bed. Here’s a couple of tips to clean up your mattress before storing it:

  • Vacuum your mattress first
  • Apply baking soda to it
  • Let the mattress dry and get some fresh air
  • Make sure the mattress is covered from rain and snow at all times when moving
A bed with blue pillows
Before you store a mattress inside a storage unit clean it up

Wrap up the mattress before storage

Now that your mattress is clean, let’s keep it that way! Before you store a mattress your best option to protect it is to wrap some thin plastic around it. If you don’t have it available you can use other materials that don’t let dust and other particles land directly on it. However, having in mind that our experts from storage Baltimore tell us that the wrap can be bought for around 15-20 $ at stores it can really be a good investment. Your clean mattress will stay clean, and you’ll make sure that no potential damages occur if for some reason your mattress falls down.

Make sure your mattress is flat

There’s a lot of debate when it comes to how to position a mattress inside a storage unit. The way you’ll save most space is if you put it upright and hold it with other items. In that way, you’ll have more space for more items. However, we’ve checked with our professional local movers in Maryland and they told us not to do it like that. They tell us that the best positioning a mattress can have while stored is to be put flat on the ground. Why is that? Because it represents its natural position. For that reason, to avoid potential damages to it lay it flat, if you do it any other way you’re risking the cushion getting damaged.

A bed beside a window
Keep your mattress flat on the ground to keep it safe and undamaged

Don’t put anything on top when you store a mattress

Another important tip when you put your mattress in storage is to keep everything off it. You might think that if a mattress can hold you it can also hold other items. Well, you’re wrong! Not just heavy, but also smaller items will also do damage not only to the material of it but more importantly the springs. For that reason, if you have the most expensive mattress in the world or the cheapest matters you got for a couple of dollars, it’s important to keep it protected. That’s why you should or have enough space for it, or decide to not even put it inside a unit.

Choose a climate-controlled storage unit to store a mattress

When you want to store your mattress properly, why not use the best storage options possible? One of those is surely the climate-controlled storage units. Your mattress won’t be the only item thankful that you put them in that type of storage unit. It doesn’t only make your mattress less likely to get some mold but also helps your books, electronics, and many other items to stay in a better condition. Inevitably that will not only keep those items cleaner but also prolong their life in the long run.

Storage units
A climate-controlled storage unit will help more than just your mattress

Clean and freshen up your mattress before reusing it

You thought you should only clean your mattress before putting it into storage? You’re wrong again! Even if you’ve done everything we told you, it’s a good idea to clean your mattress up before reusing it. As we already told you, baking soda is really a good and natural way to keep things clean, so put it on both sides of the mattress. After it dries up a little vacuum it for good measure and to be sure. You can also spray some odor on it to have a smell that you like. Before usage let it stay for 24 hours before you lay in it.

A good mattress can be a very good investment. People usually don’t save on them, as they’ll probably sleep on them for years to come. So it’s no wonder people really want to buy themselves the best possible tools for having the best possible sleep. We also know that many people when moving, buy a new one just in case. That’s why many people decide to store the old mattress inside a storage unit in order to have it as a reserve. If you follow our tips we’re pretty sure you’ll have no problems with doing it correctly so in case you need to pull it out you’ll have a clean and fresh mattress ready to go.

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