How to properly store fitness equipment

There are quite a few things people should pay attention to when relocating. You are supposed to carefully pick a company, decide which things to take with you and which to leave and, if necessary, pick a storage unit where you will store all the extra stuff. Not to mention finding a home if you didn’t already do it. However, one thing people often unintentionally overlook is the storage process. It’s totally understandable. When you have to pack, load, unload, and do all the other stuff to have a good relocation, you can’t think of everything. However, once you’re in your new home, you need to find a way to store your stuff. Not a lot of your stuff needs special attention but you do need to have a good way to store fitness equipment. Let us help you find the best way to store fitness equipment with this guide!

Try to buy flexible equipment

No matter if you are trying to store fitness equipment in your home or in storage Virginia, it is always much better if the equipment is flexible. It’s so easy to fold it you can put it literally anywhere. You can stack it on top of a cellar or beneath your bed. Here are some items you can find flexible:

  • yoga mat
  • rebounder
  • foldable treadmill
  • pushup board

You might need a little more time to get that kind of equipment but once you do, it will make your life much easier.

A woman is rolling up a yoga mat.
Try to get flexible items since that way it’s much easier to store fitness equipment.

Use your walls and ceiling to store fitness equipment

Don’t make the mistake of underusing your wall and ceiling when you store fitness equipment. You can use wall mounts or bars to store your stuff on the ceiling. Do the same with bikes! They might be big but you can easily put them up and they will take literally no place away from you. You need to learn how to create more space in your new home and it will make a lot of your problems disappear.

You can do the same with yoga balls. Get a stuffed animals holder and use it for the yoga ball. It will no longer just drag all over the floor. It’s efficient, it’s clean and it will create more space on the floor for other stuff.

Put your fitness stuff behind the door

The biggest problem people have with their flex bands is how to store them. If you put them in a box or a drawer, they will tangle up. Add an over-the-door hanger and a lot of your problems will disappear. This way your flex bands won’t get mixed and all tangled up. It’s fixed to the door so it won’t fly around when you open the door and nobody will be able to see it except you if you want to keep it in your bedroom or some other private area.

Remember to use baskets if you can

Let’s say you just can’t go with the over-the-door or wall mounting option for some reason. Don’t hesitate to use baskets. They can really help keep things contained. For smaller items, you can use stacking bins. You can put bungees, weights, or working bands in them. For bigger stuff like yoga maths, you can use larger baskets.

A woman is walking on a treadmill.
Use the space around your treadmill to put some baskets and shelves.

Multi-purpose furniture

Many times you just can’t use walls or ceiling. Maybe the place isn’t yours so your landlord insists you don’t modify anything or it would be too dangerous to mount heavy stuff on walls. That’s the point when you have to become really creative. Use your furniture instead. The best pieces of furniture for this are things like an ottoman which is a really useful piece. Use the baskets to divide it and you’re good.

Divide the space so you can store fitness equipment

You can ask Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland to move your furniture in such a way that your bigger pieces of fitness equipment that can’t be stored become hidden behind sofas and other big pieces of furniture. Once your room is divided in such a way, it will be much easier to access the equipment.

You can use shelves to do that and mount them on walls and connect them with poles. It will look subtle and you will have a nice solution for the problem. It’s one of the smoothest ways to store fitness equipment without taking too much space.

Utilize every inch you can

Use “unusable space”. That means to use space that is usually in front of your workout equipment. You can install shelves in front of your treadmill to store bungee cords and working bands. Most people see it as unusable, but that space can really be useful if you utilize it properly.

All those small spaces between bigger furniture seem insignificant, but once you do the math it is a big amount of space you can use to store fitness equipment, at least the smaller bits.

Beauty is not as important as function

Sometimes, you just can’t hide the stuff when you try to store fitness equipment. You have to store it where people can see it. Everyone wants to see their home clean and beautiful but if it’s going to be at the cost of equipment you need to keep yourself active, it’s not worth it. There is no shame to keep your treadmill in the living room or leaving a rebounder in the office. Just because it’s visible, it doesn’t mean there is shame in it.

Fitness equipment is lying on the floor in order.
Sometimes you just can’t hide equipment and don’t bother leaving it in open, as long as it is clean.

Don’t hesitate to get a storage unit to store fitness equipment in

If you don’t use your equipment often or if you just don’t have enough room in the house, just rent a good storage unit. Virginia local movers can always provide you with a good unit. Ring them up, explain the situation as detailed as you can and you will get a thorough answer and a solution to all your problems.

Try to find a unit that won’t have too much humidity. An increased amount of humidity inside a unit can cause mold to get all over the place. Find one that is safe, spacious, and price-effective. That way you will get rid of all worries about whether your place will look ugly because you don’t know how to store fitness equipment.