How to recognize the best movers in Maryland

When you are moving, it is hard to organize everything on your own. You have to find movers in Laurel MD, gather all the packing supplies, pack all of your items, organize a transport, and so much more. In order to lessen the workload, hire movers and let them do half of these things listed. However, there are many fraudulent movers. Hiring them will not be helpful. Just the opposite, you will either lose money or items, or both. For this reason, you should know how to recognize the best movers in Maryland. Here are all the tips and tricks for moving company hunting! 

What makes the best movers in Maryland best? 

The best and reliable movers in Maryland will have the following characteristics. The moving company that you are considering should have most of these characteristics. 

  • They have years of experience 
  • Have the best reputation and reviews  
  • Find the best time for your relocation 
  • Visit your house to do an in-house estimate 
  • Their services will fit your budget 
  • They give you the moving cost estimate in writing 
  • Movers provide a wide range of services, like storage Baltimore 
  • Their rates are affordable 
  • The moving crew has enough experience, knowledge, they know how to solve all the moving-related problems 
  • They have proper moving equipment 
  • Their packing supplies are good and sturdy 
  • Movers will answer all the moving-related questions, they will be honest and will not hide additional costs 
  • They are polite, respectful, and careful 
  • A moving company offers moving insurance 
people trying to find the best movers in Maryland on their laptops
See if your possible moving company has the qualities listed above

How to find a reliable moving company 

You should find movers as soon as you know for sure that you need to move. For this reason, you should also know where to find them. First, ask your friends and family. Maybe they can recommend a good moving company. If they are satisfied with one particular moving company, then you should hire them as well. In addition to this, if you are working with a real estate agent, ask them as well. They probably know several moving companies since they are selling homes. If this option is not available, search on Google. Type in moving companies near me, or the best movers in Maryland and see what comes up. Lastly, check your local newspaper or ask in your city’s Facebook group.  

The golden rule of threes to find the best movers in Maryland 

If you need to find movers by using Google, then here is what you need to do. First, get in touch with three moving companies. You can contact more if you want, but do not go over 5 since it would be a waste of time. Next, ask for an in-house estimate. Movers are not able to make a precise estimate without seeing your items. For this reason, do not accept only estimates over the phone or via e-mail. If they refuse to come to your house, it means they are fraudulent movers. In addition to this, if they ask for a cash deposit before the move, do not give the money. Lastly, if movers are late without a good reason, they seem unsure or they avoid answering your question, do not hire them. These all would be red flags to look for. 

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Lucky number three! Find at least three companies to compare

The importance of moving reviews 

When you are searching for affordable moving companies online, you probably do not know anything about them. For this reason, read moving reviews. There are many websites, like Yelp, where you can find reviews about various products and services. People will share their negative experience so you can avoid hiring those movers. In addition to this, you can rate moving services as well. So, try to find reviews that are rated with 3-stars. Usually, people will focus on the negative and positive aspects of their moving experience. Lastly, it goes without saying, but do not hire a moving company with only negative reviews. It does not matter if they offer the lowest moving rates. Most likely, there are fraudulent movers, so you will end up paying more than originally planned or they will steal your items. 

The best moving companies will have a license and answer all of your questions 

The U.S. Department of Transportation of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issues the U.S. DOT number to licensed movers. You can check if a moving company has this number by visiting the official website of the FMCSA. In addition to this, you can find the moving company’s track record with the BBB. It is free and available online. You should only hire moving companies that can be found on their website. Apart from checking the license, you should ask all the hard questions about your relocation. Make sure they tell you upfront about additional costs. If you have any doubts about your relocation, your movers should be able to offer a good piece of advice. 

two person writing on paper on brown wooden table
Ask any questions that you might have about your move

Discounts and instincts 

Don’t you just love discounts? Most people do. For this reason, you should ask politely if your moving company offers one. In addition to this, most moving companies offer discounts if you come as a referral. This is a good way to attract customers and to gain new ones. Lastly, trust your instincts. If all the conditions are fulfilled, then trust your gut feeling as well. If you can combine these two, then this is the perfect and the best moving company in Maryland. 

All the tips and tricks on how to recognize the best movers in Maryland 

As you can see, every move should have a moving company. It is really difficult to organize a move without professional help. For this reason, find one for your relocation. However, it is also important to recognize the best movers in Maryland. Follow these tips and tricks for your search. If a moving company fulfills all the conditions listed above, then it is safe to say you found the best one. 

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