How to report a moving scam in Maryland

Statistically speaking the chances of you being involved in a moving scam are extremely low. However, every year thousands of Americans are victims of moving scams. Avoid this fate by choosing your moving company carefully. Above all, a reputable company is always transparent with their business. For instance, Allstate Moving and Storage is always a good and safe pick for your relocation. Before we tell you how to report a moving scam in Maryland, let’s talk about what isn’t a moving scam.

What not to report as a moving scam in Maryland

Professional movers are very reliable, but sometimes mistakes can happen. Whether it’s a residential or commercial move, problems can always arise. Here are some examples of what shouldn’t worry you if inconveniences happen.

Small damage

During a move, especially a long-distance one, your belongings may be a little scratched or dented. That isn’t enough to take a moving company to court or report them for a scam. That’s why in moving tips there is always a part about taking photos and listing your items. If you have evidence your moving company is certainly going to agree to pay for any damage. In case an item is destroyed you can consider taking legal action.

Legitimate cost increase

Nobody likes to hear that they have to pay more than their estimate. In the business of moving sometimes, prices can change especially if the move is big. Take into consideration that those extra costs shouldn’t be much over the original estimate. In the extreme case, a scamming moving company will hold your items hostage and request money from you that is sometimes three times the price of the estimate. If it comes to that point, act immediately!

one dollar bill
Your price must be close to your original estimate

Lost items

If you are moving with a big number of belongings, it happens that a couple of items get lost in the process. As long as an item is lost is a box with old washcloths or if you lost an ashtray or small items like that it’s really not a big deal. On the other hand, if your TV is missing that is a big red flag. If such a valuable item is missing don’t hesitate to call the authorities as it’s probable that you are a victim of theft.

Contact your moving company first

Even if it doesn’t seem that complaining to a company that is frauding you is the best idea, this should be your first step. Sometimes a problem that seems scammy to you is just a big misunderstanding. Letting them know that there are problems with your move shouldn’t be a problem to a respectable company and they will quickly respond to you with an offer agreeable to both sides.

File a complaint against the moving company

If your moving company is not cooperative with you and isn’t responding to your questions it’s time for action. Your disappointment and frustration should be voiced and at that point, your best chance to resolve your problem is to file a direct complaint against the moving company. The best way to avoid scamming movers is to use reputable companies like local movers MD that take care of your move from start to end. Local companies usually have more soul to them and try to make your welcome to your new community easier.

How to report a moving scam in Maryland online

We live in a time where everything is online. Companies usually do a great amount of work to keep their reputation at a high level so any negative review is hurting them. With social media, it’s easier to find people that might have had the same bad experience with your moving company. Ultimately, a bad review online might bring the moving company to respond to your concerns.

Girl reporting a scam online
Go online and leave a review


File a complaint with relevant organizations

As in every area of work, there are government and non-government agencies that overlook the moving industry. This might be a big step for you but these organizations serve to protect you and keep the moving business up to a high standard.

How to report a moving scam with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The BBB is serving as a way of communication between customers and moving companies. Your complaint will be visible to anyone so it serves as a warning to others. They serve as an arbiter between you and the moving company. The company usually has to respond to the BBB  in 14 days. Reporting your bad experience to them is a great decision any way you look at it.

How to report a moving scam with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

The FMSCA is an agency that serves to regulate aspects of the moving industry. Especially trucking, storage, and in general moving. They are working tightly with the US Department of transportation and filing a complaint to them is also a good choice if you find yourself in trouble.

moving trucks
The FMCSA is one of many places to report scammers

How to report a moving scam with the State attorney general

Your best way to resolve a moving scam is probably to contact your state attorney. To do this you will have to contact both the state attorney general from the state you were moving from and the one that is in Maryland. When they are involved it gets easier to resolve problems like this.

Small claims court

Taking the scamming company to court is also an option. But, unfortunately, it takes a lot of time, nerves, and resources to take someone to court. So consider if you want to invest that much energy into doing a task that is maybe even bigger than the moving itself. The way to make this move is easier is to find potential victims of the same company so you can take action together.

Having to report a moving scam is a hard job because of all the inconveniences that happened to you. But that shouldn’t discourage you from taking action. Let’s hope our tips on how to report a moving scam in Maryland can help you make a deciding step. You will not only help yourself by reporting a scam but also other people that might have used that moving company.

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