How to save money on a Baltimore storage unit?

You are moving and you have more belongings you can handle? Or maybe you are downsizing and decluttering but not all items are for trash? You might not need those items now, but you will later. You came to the conclusion that you should start renting a storage space. But what are the pros and cons that come with it, and more importantly, what would be the cost of maintaining a storage unit? We are here today to provide answers to all those questions. Here is a simple guide on how to save money on a Baltimore storage unit.

Let us find the best storage unit for you!

There are many moving and storing companies that will help you become the storage unit owner. Most of them will accommodate all your requests especially if you are about to rent a unit for a longer period. Although, if you want to save money on a Baltimore storage unit you must conduct proper research. This way you’ll find a unit that will suit your needs and a renter you can work with. The best way is to look for it online. Check a few of the companies and compare prices and previous customer’s experience. Narrow your search down to the top 3 choices and read their websites thoroughly. Try to catch a few posts and comments from previous users, or even better, the current ones. Check out if you are renting a good thing and be sure that your unit will have all the perks you desire.

Pick the right location to save money on a Baltimore storage unit.
Location and the environment are important.

Contact your company and ask what the monthly fee is, the locations of the units available, and if they have a maintenance crew. Although, even with all the information, you can’t be sure that you can completely trust the company you are renting from. Therefore, we will recommend long-distance movers Baltimore as one of the best choices available. Here you will find everything you need with the best offers on the market. Give it a try, you’ll be most satisfied.

What are the storing possibilities?

It is entirely up to you how you’ll utilize your space and what you’ll use your storage unit for. There are a couple of common uses for a storage facility:

  • Seasonal storing – Storage units have enough space to store seasonal items like holiday decorations, winter clothing, ski equipment, etc. As long as you keep your unit clean, you can store whatever you want.
  • Garage – Many users are renting storage units to serve as a second garage or an additional space for this purpose. You can keep your bicycle or a motorcycle, along with all the equipment and tools used for maintaining it. Although, be sure to ask your landlord if you can use it in this way.
  • Working space – You can organize your storing space to be used as a working space. A fine example is to use it to cultivate a painting hobby.
  • Storage – Most commonly used to store all kinds of items that are to be used later. If you are storing old furniture, be sure to disassemble it to save up some space. Also, be mindful of how you pack items for storing, especially how you pack breakables for storage.

The storage unit is for everyone

You can easily become a storage unit owner, but first, you should know all the requirements and the options available. Hence, here are the basics you should know. Firstly, there are many sizes but mostly utilized are the medium-sized ones. Then there are storing units that are a part of a complex, or the ones that are outside in the open. Of course, with a higher price, comes the surveillance and a 24hr guard at the site. But if you decide to rent the one that is out in the open, be sure to install a proper door with a security lock. In many situations, a simple lock and maybe chain with a locket will be enough. That depends on the location and the neighborhood.

A lock
A simple lock and a key will provide an additional layer of security.

Usually, the balanced choice is somewhere in the middle. You can fairly easily find a proper storage unit that has a maintenance crew to clean the surroundings regularly. And a security guard at the premises. You will be headache free if you know that your items are stored safely. Especially if you are visiting rarely. Here we must help you out and point out one of the best renting choices in the area. Check out movers Owings Mills MD. Here you will find the best storing solution at a fair price. Most importantly, the safety of your belongings.

Downsizing and decluttering is the key to save money on a Baltimore storage unit

One of the key aspects when you want to save money on a Baltimore storage unit, is downsizing. Almost every moving event should go through this process. Therefore, be sure to check if the things you set aside for storing are the items you really need. Shuffle through your items a couple of times and try to make your storage bundle smaller. This will drastically change the way you choose your unit and how you maintain one. It is simple if you have many items, you need more storage space, and it will cost more. Not to mention all the time you will spend cleaning your unit. So, think about downsizing and donating some of the stuff. Or you can gift, sell, or simply throw it away. Your choice. Remember that someone else can use your items for good instead of keeping them in the dark, gathering dust for eternity.

Although, if you decide to keep it all, you must pack it right and transport it to your unit. Maybe it is a good choice to check out your local moving services Baltimore. Movers can pack, unpack, and transport your belongings for affordable prices. Think about what is best for you.

Utilize the space, pack smart, and save money on a Baltimore storage unit

You must be aware that there is a way to pack for self-storage. No one wants to clutter the space and make it unusable. Therefore, try to pack everything in similarly sized moving boxes that will stack nicely atop of each other. Label everything to find your items much easier as well. Place the boxes containing heavier and sturdy items on the bottom while placing fragile ones on the top. Make the foundation for your box pyramid dry and strong. Use the wooden plank for the occasion, it is most convenient.

Cardboard boxes
Use boxes of the same size to utilize your space better.

When it comes to furniture, you should disassemble bigger pieces and wrap parts individually. Protect your furniture with a sheet or a tarp. Also, do not forget about the shelving system and hangers for the higher places like the sealing. Take a long look at your space and make the best of it.

Clean your storage regularly

You should keep the hygiene in check. Even more, if you are spending a lot of time in your unit. Try to clean it regularly, maybe once a week. A simple broom sweeping will do the trick. Also, do not forget to protect your storage against pests. Add some rodent repellants to keep the pests out. Air freshener is always welcome, but don’t forget to let the fresh air in every time you visit. Everything mentioned will keep the pests, mold, and excessive dust out of the way.

These were the essentials you should think of to save money on a Baltimore storage unit. After a bit of research and a few calls, you’ll find a suitable one. We wish you the best of luck, and to find the unit that will serve you well.

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