How to spend your first week after moving to Columbia MD?

Moving into a new home will leave you with a lot of things to do. Atop of settling in and decorating your new home, you will still have a lot of exploring to do and new people to meet. If you were wondering what to do in your first week after moving to Columbia MD look no further. We will break down some of the basic things you should do when you arrive in your new home. Therefore, after your movers Columbia MD leave, you will be left to tend to your items, as well as your home. As a lot of activities await you once you arrive, you will have to plan everything out accordingly.

The first week after moving to Columbia MD: What to do

Relocation is a process that can be quite exhausting. Before the move, you will have to invest yourself to pack and prepare everything you need. After the move, you will have to unload all of the items and bring them inside your new home. On top of that, there are a couple of days of work you will have to do once you arrive. Columbia, MD is one of the principal communities of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. It counts about 100.000 residents and is ranked in the top 10 places to live inside the United States.

a couple sitting on the floor laughing amongst cardboard boxes after thinking about what to do in the first week of moving to Columbia MD
As you will be overwhelmed with items and obligations, your best bet is to start working immediately

With that in mind, your social life will surely not lack in this state. However, let us talk about what you need to do during your first week in this area.

  • Clean your entire house
  • Start unpacking one room at a time
  • Leave a review for your movers
  • Devote some time to yourself
  • Explore the neighbourhood and local areas

Clean your entire house

The first thing you should do whenever you relocate is clean your entire house. Regardless of if the owners previously cleaned it. The best way to reassure yourself that it is spotless is by cleaning it yourself. We advise you to place all of your belongings in one room and start cleaning the other ones. Moreover, if you feel it is easier – separate items to their according room. If you, by any chance, have too many items in your house, you can always opt for storage Baltimore services to accommodate those items until you finish preparing everything. Regardless, do not try to rush yourself into cleaning fast. Make sure you clean everything in your new home as it will make you feel better in the end.

Start unpacking one room at a time

The next step, after cleaning is to unpack. Now, you do not want to unpack without an order. This will create a mess throughout your whole house and probably induce stress. Instead, do one room at a time. Start with the room you feel like unpacking first and work your way through.

a couple having fun with ceramics items as they unpack
See what room you want to see unpacked first and start there then work your way through the rest of the house

Unfortunately, there is no magic to unpack your items and place them around your home. You will have to do it yourself or with help from some of your friends. As this is something you cannot escape or speed up, we suggest devoting your full attention to it. Decide on the unpacking order and stick with it until the last item is in place.

Leave a review for your movers the first week after moving to Columbia MD

When you find the time, make sure to leave a review of the moving experience you had with the moving company. Whether you decide to do it later in the evening, when you are relaxing or when you finish unpacking, remember to do it. Firstly, the review you write will help future customers decide whether or not to opt for that moving company. Secondly, you will be able to write all the good and the bad experiences you had with those movers. Honesty is always appreciated and both the moving company and the potential clients will cherish it. The review will let the moving company know if they are making some mistakes and help fix them. While a potential customer will be aware of what kind of service it is getting.

Devote some time to yourself

Decide which day you want to spend relaxing and de-stressing. Unpacking and decorating your home is stressful work. You will surely require some time for yourself. So, devote one day of your first week after moving to Columbia MD to totally relax and forget about the move. Do what relaxes you the best.

a woman meditating on her bed in the bedroom
Devote a day for yourself and enjoy it so you can regain the strength for what is to come

Go out for a jog, watch your favourite show, engage in your favourite hobby, take a long bath, etc. Whatever suits you – do it. After everything you did and the work you accomplished, you deserve at least a day of good rest. This will not only help you relax but will also give you more strength to carry on with your obligations the day after.

Explore the neighbourhood and local areas

Finally, after you finish packing your home and cleaning everything – get to know your surroundings. Visit your neighbours and get to know them. Making friends with neighbours is something you should do regardless of where you live. As you get to know them, you can see if they are willing to show you around. Go on for a walk with them and they will point out all the important things you should remember about the area. Moreover, if you enjoy some recreational activities, you can simply ask them to join you. By being friends with your neighbours, you will get to know the best places to eat, have a drink or even go out. Your first week after moving to Columbia MD will be messy, but you should make it up to yourself.

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