How to spruce up your rental in Virginia

Living in a rented place tends to be limiting. But that doesn’t have to mean you can’t decorate. Obviously, all changes you want to make have to be agreed upon with the landlord. Another problem is that decorating a rental means investing in someone else’s property to many people. But this is not entirely true because there are a lot of small things you can tweak to make your living space more appealing to you. So here are just some ways that won’t cost you much and still can help you on how to spruce up your rental in Virginia after you moved in. And if that doesn’t work, moving and storage Baltimore is always an option.

Decorate walls to spruce up your rental in Virginia

Walls are probably on the top of changeable elements in your home. When you’re moving residentially, especially into a rental home, you want it to reflect your personality as much as it can. Most rental places have white walls. That leaves a lot of space for your creativity, but it’s not often that a landlord allows you to paint walls. Don’t worry, though, there are just some ways you can make your walls match your personality more.

Hang some pictures to spruce up your rental in Virginia

Go through your album. Look for some great photos of you with your family and friends and frame them. This is a great moving tip that not only makes your place feel more pretty but also more personalized. You will not only have a nice picture to cover your blank wall but also will have a reminder of your memories. On the other hand, you can buy some art to hang on your wall. Even more, if you are an artist at heart you can make your own art and hang it on the wall.

Temporary wallpapers to spruce up your rental in Virginia

Most of the landlords won’t allow you to put wallpaper in rooms or walls. But nobody will have a problem with you putting a temporary removable wallpaper. They are mostly cheap and their advantage is that when it’s time to leave the rental you can just easily take them down. Also, you can be creative and use wrapping paper, fabric, or even decorative tape to create an illusion of a painted wall or wallpaper.

Wall after being decorated with a rainbow print
Show your creativity on your walls

Storage solutions

Your rental might seem smaller if it’s messy. So take the chance and declutter as much as you can. You will have more space to store your items in your home, storage Virginia on the other hand is there to store all those items you won’t need or you think are too precious to keep in your rental. Here are some tips on how to keep your rental decluttered.

Space under the bed

Sometimes putting the things you rarely use under the bed is the easiest way to get rid of them. Just pack them nicely in bags or boxes that will fit under your bed and you will not have any more headaches about all those clothes you didn’t wear in ages.

Space under the sink

Most people have a huge mess in their kitchen, especially if it’s a rental. It’s not always the lack of space that is the problem, but the lack of creativity. They just don’t utilize the space that is under the sink. Firstly you’ll have to organize the space, and then add some plastic drawers you can attach to the door and walls of the cabinet. That will open even more space for your items to be stored.

Personalize your rental

Maybe one of the best ways to add personality to your rental is just adding small changes that reflect you. Put the vase of your favorite plant in the corner of the room or on the window. Some old furniture can get a better look if you throw a blanket and a pillow on it. If you are a person that loves to look in the mirror, put the around rooms. They are there not only for you but they also create an illusion that space is bigger than it is.

Sofa decorated with pillows and a blanket
A couple of nice pillows or a blanket can freshen up your furniture


Your rental may come with not so nice blinds and dull windows. You probably won’t be able to drill around them as some restrictions may apply to your rental. Curtains won’t just be the perfect solution to hide your bland windows and blinds, but will also open up space. They are relatively cheap and if you don’t like the standard white ones, just buy them in your favorite color or the color that matches the room the best.

Change lighting to spruce up your rental in Virginia

There are many little changes you can make your rental that will make your life in it easier without getting in trouble with your landlord. Some of these tips may seem more like decorative ones, but they vary from those that make your space prettier and some extra utility to it to those that can really change the way you function around your rental.

Under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen

Under-cabinet lights will not only add some more light in your kitchen but will also help you in your kitchen work like chopping up some meat. It will also open up your kitchen in a visual sense. You won’t have to drill holes to keep it steady, just get some adhesive tape and you will be able to put them on. They are relatively cheap and can change the look of your kitchen.

A kitchen with beautiful lighting
Great lighting options can change the look of the whole house

Play with the lighting

Sometimes rentals just don’t have that appealing lighting setup waiting for you. But nothing stops you from changing that. Take those lamps and scatter them across the room. Preferably get them in different height positions. You will make the rooms more soothing to the eye if you do that. Also, a big change can be if you have or can install dimming lights. Doing this will feel like the house lights are following your state of mind.

Moving to a new rental is sometimes difficult, especially considering the limits of renting. The best way to make this transition easier is by trying to personalize your new place as much as you can. From making the walls reflect more your style and adding plants you love to changing your lighting there are many ways on how to spruce up your rental in Virginia. For that reason, let your creative side out and decorate your new home!

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