How to stay away from dishonest moving companies in Maryland

There are so many things one should do before the moving date. Serious preparation and organization are in order. And whatever you do, you are never completely sure that you covered it all. But what matters, is to find a moving company that you can trust. No matter how good your moving plan is, if you stumble upon the fraudulent moving company, it can be a disaster. Therefore, let us help you find legit moving companies in Maryland. It is not hard at all if you know what to look for.

Moving companies in Maryland you hire must have licenses and permits

To be sure that you avoided moving scams, you must conduct thorough research. The best way is to delve into a moving industry and search for answers online. Browse until you find several interesting choices that you’ll compare. Start with basic stuff like a company logo, website, physical address, and contact phone. Then you can check if your movers are members of the International Movers Association and if they are, that is just a bonus. But if you can find them listed in yellow pages, that would be enough. Then give them a call and check if they possess all the licenses and permits to work. Communicate the moving details with your moving company Baltimore and get all the answers. Compare prices and services they offer and note everything down.

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Read moving reviews and compare prices and services.

Repeat this process several times with all your candidates and you’ll find a match soon enough. Also, do not fall in love with the first moving company you find. Sometimes, insanely low prices can lure us into a trap. Do not distract yourself with unrealistic offers. Simply check at least five companies and you’ll find am idle ground in no time.

Obtaining referrals means a lot

Yes, you will read reviews on movers website. But if you came across a fraudulent company, those reviews might be fake. Keep that in mind while browsing the customer satisfaction section on the mover’s webpage. Search for reviews where you can figure out how they treat their customers. Browse until you paint the whole picture. But the best possible solution is to find someone who had previous experience with the company. A word of mouth from a coworker, friend, or relative will be enough. Obtaining reference is the best way of finding moving companies in Maryland.

How safe can you be?

There are countless moving safety tips and we are sure that you know most already. You will pack and prepare everything for a safe and successful relocation. But it is not only up to you if your relocation will be a safe one. Your moving company plays a vital role. Therefore, ask about the safety measures. Ask if your movers have enough skilled, experienced, and knowledgeable workers to assign to your moving project. Also, you want to know if they have all the tools, equipment, and a proper moving vehicle for the job. In the end, ask whatever you desire and if the answer is avoided, that is a sign that your movers are hiding something.

Free onsite estimates

One more way to avoid scams when doing business with moving companies in Maryland is to conduct business in person. Yes, it might look convenient to hire movers online or via phone, but to obtain free onsite estimates is priceless. Your movers should send a company representative to inspect your cargo and provide a moving quote. But it is more than that. You will obtain valuable information about the environment you are relocating in. Movers will calculate the risk by inspecting all the stairs, doors, and the path to the loading dock. Also, they will check if you packed adequately and weight your cargo. This way they’ll know if you can fit everything into a single moving truck or you need an additional vehicle.

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After obtaining free onsite estimates, you’ll know where you can save money and where to invest.

Moreover, you will realize the moving cost and how complex your project is. Then you can think where you can save money and which moving services you should utilize. In case you have too many items, maybe renting a Baltimore storage unit is a solution. Or if you want to avoid the notorious packing process and leave that part for your movers. All is possible after the onsite estimate is provided. It will open many possibilities, so be sure to use it.

Think twice before purchasing a service

Pay special attention when negotiating a deal and before signing a moving contract. Read the fine print at the bottom and read it several times. Be sure that you know what you pay for. And keep in mind that moving companies will offer many moving services and ways to help. A scamming moving company will persuade you to purchase a service you do not need. Or to assign more workers and spend more time on your relocation. Remember, movers charge by the hour. You do not want to pay 5 workers for 3 hours of work when you can complete it with 3 workers in 2 hours.

Check services moving companies in Maryland offer

You can get tricked in many ways and end up paying more. And that is why a search for a moving company is crucial. If you find movers in Maryland you can trust, then everything else is covered. Of course, the choice of which kind of service you want is entirely yours.

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The packing process is one of the most utilized moving services.

We must say that some of the moving services Maryland are extremely useful. For example, packing service and junk removal service can be a lifesaver. Also, there are special services in case you want to relocate a piano, pool table, aquarium, or a similar expensive, fragile, or robust item. Browse your options but be sure to purchase only the service you need.

What payment method you prefer?

When it comes to a payment method, we would advise using a credit card only. This way you can delay payment in case you are damaged in any way. It will give you time to make claims against movers. Also, keep in mind that it is a common thing to leave a deposit but it should never exceed more than 30% of the overall moving price. This way both sides are satisfied and sure that business will be conducted as per agreement. Stick to the fixed price rather than the open one. This way you’ll know how much you must pay beforehand and prepare your budget. It will give you peace of mind if you know that there are no hidden costs waiting for you in the end.

That would be all, now you know what to look out when searching for moving companies in Maryland. With a few hours browsing online, and a few phone calls, you’ll find a match. And be sure to provide feedback for your movers by leaving a moving review. This way you’ll help others to find a trustworthy moving company as well. Good luck with your relocation.

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