How to stay calm during the last-minute move

Moving is considered stressful and generally is planned in some instances months in advance. The sooner you start with the planning the easier your moving process will be. But what to do if you’re in a situation where you don’t have much time available? Then you’re in luck. Firstly, we highly recommend that you hire professionals, such as moving and storage Baltimore, that will make the move safer and quicker in general. If you for some reason decide to move by yourself here are some tips on how to stay calm during the last-minute move.

Stay calm during the last-minute move by hiring professionals

Maybe the best way to have a calm moving experience is to hire a moving company. This might cost you money, but reputable and expert movers can make a job that much easier even if you’re on a tight schedule. For example, hiring moving companies Harford County might be a good idea for many reasons. Firstly, you won’t have to think about things like packing or hiring a moving truck. Obviously, there are things like knowing that any potential damages while moving are covered, while when moving the items yourself you’re going to have to pay repairs from your own pocket. There are not many reasons to try a move by yourself, especially a last-minute one.

professional movers packing
Everything is easier with professional movers

Create a checklist

Making a list when moving is always a good idea. Even if you’re move is not that soon it helps you organize better. In a last-minute move, making a checklist might seem like a waste of time, but it’s far from the truth. In any type of residential move, a checklist might be a good place to turn back when you feel exhausted. You can then see how much has been done and what work still awaits you. It’s a great way to stay motivated and organized when faced with the mess that sometimes comes with moving.

Gather packing supplies

Even if you’ve got a good game plan on how to do your move, is it really possible without packing supplies? For that reason, make sure you’ve got all the packing boxes and bubble wrap tape you need. Making sure your stuff is safe is a top priority. If you’re in the process of packing and find yourself short of boxes it’s time to explore your options. One of the fastest ways to get moving boxes, which is also free, is to go around your local stores. They are always unpacking goods so they will be happy to give you their spare boxes.

Stay calm during the last-minute move by asking for help

If you’re in a hurry you need help and you need it fast. So don’t think twice about asking your friends, family, or even neighbors to give you a hand. You can give everyone a task. Be it packing, labeling, or sorting it’s important to have something done by other people so you can speed up the process. Of course, for that type of help, a reward is due. So on top of expressing gratitude, you can always buy a pizza or drinks to celebrate a job well done.

Woman asking her friend to help her with her move
Ask friends and family to give you a hand

Stay calm during the last-minute move by decluttering your space

Decluttering your space from time to time is something that can open up your space, but will also help you get rid of the items you don’t need anymore. You might be in a hurry, but being under pressure can actually be good for you. Overthinking might actually prevent you from throwing something you probably know should belong in the trash. Take a piece of paper and make a list:

  • Keep – There will be items that you want to keep. These might be items that have an emotional value to you, but also stuff that you use on a daily basis. Try to find to label them accordingly so you know what to unpack first when you arrive in your new home.
  • Sell / Donate – Why wouldn’t you make some money while you’re moving? If there are items you don’t use so often put them up on some of the internet auction places to get rid of them. On the other hand, if you’re more of a good samaritan you can donate your stuff. The holiday season is the best time to donate and there are many places to donate different items that can be helpful to others.
  • Throw away –  Obviously, there are items that are beyond repair. There is no need to keep the old PC from 20 years ago that doesn’t work and that nobody wants to buy. For that reason create a list of things that probably should’ve been in the trash already for some time.

How to stay calm during the last-minute move – Go room by room

Your efficiency might spike up if you decide to go room by room. It’s more of a mental hack as knowing that you finished one room will make you feel more accomplished and motivated to continue packing. Another good tip to keep you in a good mood while packing is to start with your biggest room. It might seem overwhelming to start from the biggest space, but finishing that room first will ease your mind, knowing that only smaller spaces are left to be packed. By the time you get to the bathroom, you’ll be almost done and you’ll feel great about your packing.

Couple celebrating that they packed a room
Going room by room can boost your morale and confidence

Leave clothes on hangers

Another pro tip for a last-minute move is to leave all your clothes on hangers. It will save you time that you would spend on folding the clothes up and putting them inside bags. Think about how much time you need to pack when you go on a vacation. This can also be a good way to speed up your unpacking process. While you would need to unfold and hang your clothes up, in a situation where you leave the clothes on the hangers, you can just pick them up from the car and hang them inside the closet.

Having to move is something that can take a big chunk of your time. Especially when it’s a long-distance move or you have to pack a lot of items up. But what to do when you’re in a hurry? Well, we hope that our tips on how to stay calm during the last-minute move will give you a sense of calmness and readiness to tackle the job. We hope your move will go smoothly and wish you all the luck and with our advice, you probably won’t need it.

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