How to store exotic spices?

No matter if you just ended the relocation or are redecorating your home, if you want to store exotic spices it will take a little bit of preparation. This guide is here to help you with that. There are many ways to store your spices. Of course, it depends on why you’re storing them. Some people are storing them in boxes for relocation. Others are storing them in their new kitchen. Some people, believe it or not, even store them in their storage units. It isn’t the most recommended way to do it, but it can actually turn out pretty well. Whatever your reason, we are here to help you with it.

Why do you want to store exotic spices?

It’s really important to know the answer to this question. Maybe you are about to relocate with some good movers Baltimore has to offer. On the other hand, maybe you just want to declutter your home. Maybe you are just creating some order in a messy kitchen. Well, we understand that you want to keep the spices since they can be a great addition to the kitchen. Whatever your reason, we’re here to help you out. We will go through all of these scenarios and see the best way to store your spices.

four spoons filled with spices
Spices have a very long expiration date, so don’t worry about spices going bad

How to store exotic spices when relocating

Every relocation takes time. A lot of people will agree that the biggest part of any relocation is planning. It will take the biggest chunk of your time. Some people even start planning months in advance.

What you need to remember is that there is always an order in which stuff is loaded on a truck. Let’s say movers in Baltimore County just sent a relocation truck to pick up your belongings. You won’t put small boxes first and then put big furniture pieces on top. It would be a disaster. No, you start with big pieces and then go for the smaller and lighter stuff. Why is this so important? Well, that means you will store exotic spices last and have more time to prepare.

Buy special packaging to store your spices in it

A lot of people tend to make the mistake of storing all their belongings in one type of box. For example, they will put everything from china and silverware to clothes in cardboard boxes. This can be disastrous by itself, but it’s especially bad if you want to use cardboard boxes to store exotic spices. Spices can easily spill and if they are under a lot of weight from other boxes, they can even crush.

So, try to find small boxes made from hard plastic. Once you do that, you can transfer all the spices to those small boxes. Make sure the boxes can be easily closed so you don’t have to constantly check if they haven’t opened during the move. Also, pack the glass jars that you keep your items in separately. That way if the jars break you won’t have spice all over the truck.

Once the move is over you can easily put the spices back into the same spice jars they were in before the move began.

Some vanilla sticks and other spices on a gray surface
If you pack your spices properly, they will last a long time

There are other ways to store your spices for the relocation

Some people find it difficult to separately pack spices and the jars or boxes you usually keep those spices in. If that’s the case, try to find a jar made from thick glass or even, if possible, metal or clay jars. The stronger the jar the better. You need stuff that’s made of some really strong materials before you begin the transporting process. That’s the only way to make sure your spices will stay intact.

You can use storage to store exotic spices

One thing that people are usually shocked by is that you can easily store spices in a storage unit. Just find an affordable Baltimore storage unit and you’re good. You can leave your spices there. Most of the spices are in powder form so they don’t need to be kept in any kind of fridge or under some other special conditions. Take your jars and don’t hesitate to bring them to a storage unit. Just make sure to put them in a visible place in the unit. You don’t want to break them just because you didn’t see them. Also, you can easily use the same boxes you would use for a relocation. Purchase some good plastic boxes that can be properly sealed, and you can use them as packaging for your spices.

It is recommendable to use climate-controlled storage units

While any storage can do the job, if you have some more delicate types of spices, you can let your residential movers in Baltimore put them in a climate-controlled storage unit. Those storage units are really useful because they keep the temperature at an optimal level, and you don’t have to worry about that part.

Spices are in jars representing how to store exotic spices properly
Store exotic spices in some dark and cool space. That way they will retain a strong aroma for a longer time.

How to do it in the kitchen?

Most people keep their precious spices in the kitchen. Maybe you’ve just been gifted some really nice spices. Well, if that’s the case, we’re here to give you a few tips on how to store it.

First of all, find a cool and dry place for your spices. You don’t want them to freeze but you don’t want them in the open either. People tend to leave their spices in jars next to the stove or on a shelf above the stove. Try to avoid that if you can because heat from the stove or from the oven can cause your spices to lose taste or even become sticky.

You can use amber jars to store exotic spices but make sure they have airtight lids. Otherwise, you will have problems if the jars aren’t vacuum sealed the moment you close them. And don’t worry about spices being too long in one jar. It’s not very common for spices to “go bad”. In reality, the only spice that requires is vanilla sticks. You should air them out once a month and you’ll have some great spice ready to be used.


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