How to store perishable items?

When talking about perishable items, people mostly think about food. In the past two years, our ability to go out was limited, so we had to think about ways to store food more efficiently. Nowadays, groceries are becoming more and more expensive, making the question of extending their duration even more important. If you have planned to move with Allstate Moving and Storage Maryland in the future, the question of how to store perishable items will arise. There are many benefits to doing this right, so we will hopefully teach you something new in this guide.

Why is it important to store perishable items correctly?

Apart from food not going to waste, when you store perishable items right, you will prevent many health-related problems. Food that is not properly stored gets contaminated with bacteria and parasites. If you eat this, you can easily get sick. Anyone who has experienced this knows that the symptoms are quite unpleasant. So forget about the option of storing perishable items in storage Washington DC. They take good care of items, but perishable items are on the list that these companies don’t accept to store.

Picture of the right way to store perishable items
If you store food correctly, you will avoid many health issues

What is the right way to do it?

Before the day when a local mover Washington DC comes to help you relocate, you should stop buying groceries. Getting just the right amount for the days prior will be the right thing to do. Apart from not having to carry extra items around, most movers won’t even accept this kind of item. In the days before the move, or generally, you can use these tips:

  • Keep everything clean
  • Wash fresh produce
  • Store meat correctly

Keep everything clean

Washing hands before eating is a habit that everyone has. This should also be done before handling perishable items. The utensils and surfaces you will be using should be cleaned and disinfected properly. Getting bacteria on your products before you even store them will make the following steps be for nothing.

Wash fresh produce

People usually think that if you store your fresh produce wet, it will go bad faster. While this is true, that doesn’t have to stop you from cleaning it. When you finish your grocery trip, wash fresh fruits and vegetables with cold water. Then, dry them out as much as possible with a paper towel. If you happen to have fresh produce left in the days before moving, prepare a nutritious meal for some residential movers DC who help you move. They will be thankful for it, and you will be using the food instead of throwing it away.

Store meat correctly

Meat, poultry, and fish are a category of perishable items that are especially difficult to store. The blood and juices can cause cross-contamination of allergens to other items in your fridge, which you certainly don’t want. Store meat on a shelf that’s below everything else and preferably store it in sealed containers.

Picture of frozen meat
Meat can cause cross-contamination if not stored correctly

Final words on how to store perishable items

When you store perishable items correctly, apart from ensuring your wellbeing, you also contribute to diminishing food waste and therefore saving money. Food is a valuable item that many people sadly don’t have regular access to. So try to make the most out of what you have.