How to unpack with a toddler

Packing and moving preparations can be hard, especially if you have a toddler. In this case, you need to take extra care so your child does not hurt themself. Packing boxes with a little one around is more than challenging. In some cases, people who are moving leave a child at their parents’ home or hire babysitters. Especially on a moving day when you cannot leave it for a second unattended. On the other hand, unpacking can be stressful, but not on the same level. One of the moving companies in Maryland drove the truck full of items into your new home. They took the boxes out and are trying to bring them in so you can later unpack them. Again, you must take care of your child. The best is to include them in the game. In this text, read how to unpack with a toddler.

a couple unpacking boxes
Put moving boxes in front of every room

Put the boxes in the right place

First of all, you should tell your movers to sort out boxes into the room they belong to. That means that bathroom boxes should go to the bathroom and bedroom ones to the bedroom. This way it will be much easier for you to do the unpacking. Then check all the boxes that movers Baltimore brought to your home. In addition, see if any box suffered any damage. If it did, immediately contact your movers and report the issue. This is what you should do in case something is missing. If everything is fine, after the inspection, make a cuppa, and the unpacking can start. There are two strategies to apply. One is to start to unpack with a toddler and the rest of your family room by room. The other one is to separate so that one person can do each room.

What to unpack first when you have a toddler

It will not be easy we must say. But, in this case, you should unpack the essential boxes first. That means to find and open the box with their food, clothes, and toys. When taking the boxes out of the truck, your local movers must have put all the essentials together.  If you are still using it, unpack the potty as well.

boxes to unpack with a toddler
Unpack with a toddler the essentials box first

Your child may find it hard to adjust to your new bathroom. As a result, they may wish to use the potty in the room you are unpacking. The food and underwear or diapers must be at hand to you at all times. If your child still eats food that you maybe need to mash, we suggest unpacking your kitchen first. This way you can set up a stove and blender and start preparing food as soon as possible.

How to proceed further with unpacking

As suggested, start from the kitchen. Unbox your fridge and a stove and connect them. If you brought some perishables, put them immediately into the fridge. Regarding your child, try to make this whole action a game.

a child playing on the floor
Your child can start unpacking their toys

Tell them that you are now in a new home and that their toys also have a new home. Pick up a corner that is not far away from your eyesight and let your kid unpack a toy box. Also, make sure to childproof the area so it does not get hurt in any way. Now you have set up the necessary kitchen elements. It is time to decide whether you will also be filling up cupboards with dishes, glass, and other stuff. If you do not have much time, then move on to setting up other necessary rooms. As a rule, the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom are the most important.

Unpack kids’ bedrooms quickly if you have a toddler

In order to proceed with unpacking the most important rooms in your home, we advise that you quickly set up the children’s bedroom. You do not have to go too much in detail, just to make sure that there is everything necessary. In addition, that would be only a bed and toys. Why is this step important in the unpacking process? This will be a safe area. First of all, in this room, you will cover all the electric plugs. Keep away all the bathroom boxes, scissors, and first aid kits. In addition, do not stake the boxes on top of one another in your child’s room. These boxes can easily fall down and break. Now when you set up a bed and toys, do not let your child without supervision. At least one person must be with them.

Unpacking bedroom and large furniture

When it comes to unpacking large pieces of furniture, it takes a lot of time and skills to do it properly. In addition, it is risky even for grown-ups. When you decide to start unpacking large beds and closets, the best would be not to have your toddler around. Hiring a professional babysitter will work for that day. In this case, you will not need to worry about your toddler is around. You can dedicate this time better to finalize unpacking and setting up your bedroom. This includes reassembling bulky furniture. You will be busy handling heavy items. Also, use this opportunity to set up bathroom cabinets as well. With a child around, you will constantly worry that something may happen to them.  As a result, you can finish this task faster and with less worry, so your child can come back home as early as possible.

It can be challenging to unpack with a toddler. However, with all the necessary safety measures, you can do this properly. Setting up a safe corner is a must. Do not forget that you should not leave your child even for a moment. The whole space with millions of boxes and unpacking materials such as knives and scissors can be pretty dangerous. Also, make sure to make this whole action fun for your kid. This will reduce the level of stress for changing scenery. As a result, soon you will be happy playing around in your new home together.