In-home storage options to consider

You just moved to a new house with long distance movers Virginia. All your belongings have safely arrived and are ready for unpacking. As you sort your belongings into your new house, you notice a lack of storage space. At first, it might be confusing to understand why the new house doesn’t have enough storage space as it looked big enough before you moved in. However, this should not dim your happiness about a new house. With a good organization and with a few in-home storage options, everything will be perfect for a new start at your new home. Here a few storage options that you can use in your very own house. 

In-home storage options you can use in your new house 

If you are in need of extra storage, it is a good idea to look into storage Virginia. However, if you want to have all your items in a new house, there are also solutions for that. It doesn’t matter how big the kitchen is, it always good to have extra storage space. A good solution for extra storage is turntables. They are ideal for deep shelves, where you can group similar items and still reach them all easily. 

In addition to this, one of the reasons for not having enough storage space is if you are downsizing from a house to an apartment. If that is the case, good to go vertical in your apartment. Install shelves as high as you can on the wall and keep less frequently used items on them. 

tableware on the shelves
Cabinets are perfect for additional storage in the kitchen

Storage ideas for your wardrobe and living room 

Wardrobes are often messy and overstuffed. Keeping clothes for all seasons in one place will create a lack of space. For this reason,  vacuum-sealed bags are the perfect solution for wardrobe problems. They come in different sizes, from big ones ideal for unused bedsheets, lines, or winter jackets, to small-sized ones for summer clothes. 

In the living room, you can’t go wrong with shelves and furniture with a dual purpose. Install shelves for your books and home decorations. This way, your precious books and items will be displayed nicely without creating a mess. Another good solution is storage benches. They are especially great in entryways as storage for outdoor gear, bags, shoes, while also having space where you can sit to put on the shoes. In addition to this, you can also install shelves at your All State Moving and Storage unit. 

woman looking at the bookshelves
Shelves are your best friend when you need more storage

More option you can use in a new home 

There are many different in-home storage options for every type of room. It all depends on what are you looking for. For this reason, here are a few easy achieved storage solutions.

  • Square see-through containers – they are good for everything 
  • Storage carts – a good moveable solution, they can be found with drawers and shelves 
  • Drawers and drawer dividers – good for organizing office items and makeup 
  • Storage shelves – an aesthetically pleasing solution as they come in different sizes, colors, and materials 
  • Over the door storage and organizers – a good solution for bathroom and pantry