Is it possible to move an office in a week

Are you in a hurry to relocate your business to a new place? Before we start talking about how to move an office in a week, we have to say something about moving itself. It should be like a new chapter in your professional life. An opportunity for a fresh start where you can learn from the past. It should be exciting, thrilling, and most importantly, fun! However, moving is considered to be one of the most stressful tasks for an individual. Combine that with your business and it becomes even more hectic. To avoid that, you will have to do it the right way. Unless you do that, it can turn out to be chaotic, exhausting, and time-consuming. Here, we are going to share some useful tips and tricks on how can you relocate your office.

Planning is the first step

You can’t rely on “winging it” when it comes to moving your office. This is something that most people do and it cost them money as well as plenty of time. Unless you want that, don’t hesitate to invest as much time as you need into thinking through everything. This will result in a well-thought and detailed plan which is going to keep you focused throughout the move. Also, make a precise timeline schedule and a to-do list. By doing so, you will be able to track the progress you’re making which is really important. Another important thing is to find reliable and trustworthy movers in Maryland. You will have to find experienced experts who can do this job for you so you can have peace of mind knowing that everything is going to be alright.

making a plan is crucial when you want to move an office in a week
You have to make a really good plan to successfully move an office in a week.

Having a moving manager is a good idea when you have to move an office in a week

Even if you have everything planned out, it’s most likely that you will need help. Not only that you have to keep the business running and worry about it, but you also need to wrap your head around moving. Have someone who will be in charge of everything that’s going on, and you can still supervise it. For example, they should find storage when moving on such short notice or plan the decluttering process, and so on. In most cases, the best person for that is an administrative assistant but you can also find someone who has experience with commercial relocations.

Find the right movers who can move an office in a week

The next step on the list is to find reliable and responsible movers who can get the job done. Thankfully, we live in an era of the internet where everything is just a few clicks away from you. It’s a great tactic to search for movers online. You can even join groups or communities where you can discuss other people’s experiences. That might help you to find the movers that suit your needs. For example, try googling office movers Baltimore and you will probably find dozens of ads online. After you, you find a few options, put everything on paper, and narrow down the list. This way, you will be satisfied with the movers you’ve chosen. Alternatively, you can always ask other people in person for recommendations if they have moved recently.

Talk to your employees and assign them tasks to move an office in a week

If you have to move an office in a week, you should gather your employees for a meeting and tell them what’s going on. Also, another thing you can do is to assign them tasks. It will be very helpful if everyone could pack their own desk. Try to encourage them and let them know how grateful you are for their help. You can organize nice teambuilding in return where everyone can have a great time. Not only that you will reward them, but it can be useful for the team. Also, once the movers Carroll County MD arrive, they can help them just by carrying their own possessions.

people talking
Teamwork will play a major part when moving in a hurry.

You need to organize key documents

Since you have to move in such a short time, it’s really important that you stay focused and think of the business. You need to pay extra attention and care to the key documents for your business. When you are decluttering the office, make sure to put all the important papers in a separate box. Don’t forget to take good care of it and keep it close to you at all times. Additionally, you should take it with you instead of letting movers carry it along with other belongings.

cables and server
Moving the tech equipment in such a hurry can be a difficult task.

Don’t forget your office tech

One of the most challenging things when moving into an office is disconnecting and reconnecting all of your tech in the office. Once you know precisely what’s the moving date, inform your IT department as soon as possible. They should start making the logistics for relocating the office’s technical equipment. By this, we mean all the computers, servers, internet plans, data as well as phones. It’s no easy job, so make sure you have enough people who are experienced in order to get the job done.

Moving the non-essential items first is the key

Well, since we are talking about how to move an office in a week, we have to mention a few great moving strategies. Not only that they will make your move easier, but they’ll save you plenty of time as well. If you start packing on time, as soon as you pack some non-essential items from the office, you should move them to the new location. This way, not only that you will reduce the items you will have to move, but you’ll declutter the office making it easier for everyone else. For example, you can take plants or bulk office supplies since they are not really necessary in order for you to run a business.