Items that should be kept in climate-controlled storage

We all need some extra space once in a while. Self-storage units can be very useful if you are moving or you need some secure space to keep and store your possessions that require special conditions. Not all things are resistant to temperature changes and can be damaged if not kept properly. So what are the items that should be kept in climate-controlled storage and where can you find them?

What are climate-controlled storage units?

This special type of storage place is strictly controlled when it comes to temperature and it needs to be the same during the whole year. Despite the outdoor climate, these units are always kept somewhere inside and the temperature there must be 55-85 degrees. So what are these for?

climate-controlled storage units
Climate controlled storage units are always inside and with a consistent temperature

You probably didn’t know that a lot of items are demanding a special environment. These climate-controlled storage units are the right choice if you want to keep or store those valuables for a long time. In case you provide a stable temperature, they will be safe from damage. Better safe than sorry! Look for good quality units, some storage Virginia local movers can provide.

There is only one thing you should consider – a climate-controlled storage unit is usually more expensive than a regular one. You must think carefully about some things:

  • What do you want to store? That will probably be temperature-sensitive and things of sentimental value, like old photographs or things that are impossible to replace. Those are items that should be kept in climate-controlled storage.
  • Where do you plan on storing them? If you live in an area of extreme temperature conditions, outdoor storage could harm your belongings and put them at risk.
  • How long do you plan on storing these items? If you need storage while preparing for the local move, you definitely don’t need to pay extra for a climate-controlled one. Virginia local movers have quality storage for both cases.

What are the items that should be kept in climate-controlled storage?


If you are lucky enough to live in a place with a consistent temperature all year long, then you probably don’t have a lot of differently coated clothes. On the other hand, buying new pieces for every season can be pretty expensive and exhausting. Clean, dry, and pack tightly all of your winter coats or summer dresses and transfer them to climate-controlled storage.


Memories are fading, photographs shouldn’t. If you want to preserve them, however, you need to protect them from changing outside factors like temperature and moisture. You can only do that in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Important documents

Don’t forget the tax files that can become invalid. Businesses like real estate agencies or banks can stack a lot of papers. Storing them properly will prevent fading, damage, or water from coming in and destroying the important data. 

packing box for items that should be kept in climate-controlled storage
Pack your things carefully and consider where to store them properly


Paintings or DIY craft supplies can be really fragile and must be stored with the highest possible care. Artwork pieces can be timeless, but keep the place for your nice fabrics or delicate souvenirs or pottery too. They can collect dust or moisture and become useful afterward. Follow safety tips for storing pottery and you’re good to go.


Your interior pieces also need attention. Here you must think of leather furniture, as well as wooden furniture. Both are in need of climate-controlled storage, especially if you know that leather is one of the most sensitive materials. Keep your expensive furniture correctly because this kind of storage protects it from humidity too. For example, the air in Baltimore can be really humid, so read some tips on storing wooden furniture there.


Yes, even if you didn’t think about those firm and resistant-like possessions, mechanical and electronic parts of your appliances or recording equipment can really suffer if exposed to extreme temperatures. Rust can come really quickly and your dishwasher might not be useful later. Also, clean and dry your appliances properly to prevent mildew.


Believe me – you don’t want to see or hear the instrument that wasn’t stored properly. They are pricy, they can be large, but they are extremely delicate. Everything can affect your guitar or violin – humidity, cold, or heat. We should emphasize that a climate-controlled unit here is a must, for a long or short duration.

Special collections and antiques

If the purpose of collecting something is to keep its good condition as long as possible, then you must think of climate control. Whether you are collecting coins, stamps, comics, or toys, or any other thing in the world, those kinds of items need to be stored in climate-controlled storage. Things that are made of paper are absorbing moisture, and metal can rust and that is surely lowering down the worth of the collection.

Wine is well-known as one of the items that should be kept in climate-controlled storage

Unfavorable temperatures can spoil all of the wine by shifting its aroma or giving it a metallic taste. You invested a lot of money here so choose climate-controlled storage to keep your bottles or barrels. If you don’t have a wine basement, that way you will ensure that the next birthday party or event will be a blast!

wine barrels stored properly
Properly stored wine will age nicely and have a delicious taste

How to decide what item should be kept in climate-controlled storage?

Just by reading this, you are already thinking about how things react to different climate conditions. When deciding if the item should be kept in climate-controlled storage, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it sentimental or rare?
  • Is it delicate when it comes to extreme temperature changes?
  • Can heat (or cold) destroy it, expand or crack it?
  • Will some parts get rusty or discolored while in contact with moisture?
  • Can it grow mold?
  • Will I store it there for a long time?

If only one answer to any of these above is yes, then that thing belongs to items that should be kept in climate-controlled storage. After all of the mentioned above, if you are still uncertain or have never rented storage before, make sure you prepare for renting storage for the first time. After considering all the facts, whether you are moving or just storing your belongings, remember to do that properly and safely.